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The car is not as protected in a carport as it is in a garage, but the roof keeps out rain, hail and snow. Additional protection can be provided by a wall on the weather side. Carports are not as solid as garages due to their open design and are generally much cheaper. Usually they are offered as a kit and can be built in yourself. Many manufacturers also offer a mounting service.

For wooden carports, the constructive wood protection is important: the posts should not touch the ground, but be fixed with H-anchors, so that a few inches remain air. Then the wood can dry and is therefore much more durable. Also, the roof should survive, so that the rain is largely prevented from the side walls.

Tool and accessories for building the foundation

Tool for building a carport

Tool and material for the foundation of the carport

For the foundation of the carport you need a wheelbarrow, spade, mason trough, watering can, garden concrete, bucket, trowel, spirit levels, board, hammer, mortar stirrer, ruler, screw clamps and Erdlochausheber, in addition wood sheathing, H anchor and a guideline. For the installation of the carport tools for woodworking and silicone are required.

Step by step: Build a carport yourself

Point foundation for a carport

H anchor for point foundation

The concrete is gradually filled in and compacted (left). Put the beams in the concrete (right) and smooth out the mass with a trowel

Each post of the carport needs a point foundation, which is poured into a hole at least 80 centimeters deep. The exact dimensions are in the installation instructions of the respective manufacturer. To align the height and position of the formwork frames, tension cords. Mark the position of the H-anchors in pencil on the frame and with a guideline.

Align H-anchor vertically

Fix H-anchor

With the spirit level, check the vertical position of the H-anchors (left). Fix the anchors with screw clamps and boards (right)

Starting from the last beam, the H-anchors should always be placed a little higher into the foundation, so that later a one-centimeter roof slope to the rear of the carport is created. Allow the concrete to set according to the package instructions, but at least three days.

Screw posts to H-anchor

hang up supporting roof beams

Mount posts vertically (left) and screw on dowels (right)

The posts are aligned with a spirit level vertically in the carriers and fixed with screw clamps. Then drill the holes and bolt posts and beams. On the long sides put on the carrying purlins. Align them, drill holes, and bolt the brackets to the posts.

Mount rafters for carport roof

Mount headbands for carport roof

Align and screw rafters (left). Then mount the headbands (right)

For the rafters, align the first and the last one first and screw them to the purlins at the angles provided. Tighten a string between them on the outside. Using the string, align the middle rafters and mount them as well. The sloping headbands between posts and purlins provide additional stability.

Screw on roof panels

Mount the side panel of the carport

Mount roof panels (left) and side panels (right)

The roof panels are designed in such a way that each roof profile overlaps the colliding panels. Before you screw on the next plate, apply silicone to the interlocking profile surfaces. Finally, the peripheral cover panel and, depending on the selected optional equipment, the side and rear panels are mounted.

Building permit may be required

However, a building permit is usually a prerequisite before you can start building a carport or a garage, also a minimum distance to the neighboring property may be required. However, the corresponding rules are not uniform nationwide. The right contact person is the building authority of your municipality. Here you can find out if you need a license for your desired model. In addition to carports made of wood, there are also constructions made entirely of metal or concrete and roofs made of translucent plastic or glass in various shapes such as saddle and hipped roof. A roof greening is possible, as well as a space for equipment or bicycles. While the simplest carports only cost a few hundred euros, the higher ones are in the four- to five-digit range.

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