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Carrots need special care in order to grow vigorously. this includes the isolated. What is behind it, read here.

Carrot singles Tips Instructions

Carrots are among the most popular vegetables ever. Whether young or old - all love the orange root vegetables with its slightly sweet taste. Carrots are of course much better and more aromatic when grown in their own garden.

But there is a very important point that every hobby gardener should not forget. If the vegetables grow too close together, then the roots can not develop very well because there is not enough space for growth. Only small, measly carrots appear, which are optimally suited for snacking, but find their place in the soup pot less.

To prevent this, carrots need to separate them. How it works, we'll tell you now.

❀ Sow the carrots in the garden

Make sure you have enough space for the plants during sowing. The seeds of the carrots are sown in rows, the distance between each row should be about 15 to 20 centimeters.

Sown in gutters, which should not be deeper than one to two centimeters.

" Tip: Incidentally, you can save the subsequent separation by using seed bands at the same time. Here the perfect distance is already given. In order to be able to orient yourself better later, you can also stretch a marking tape and sow the seeds along it into the gutters.

After the seeds have been placed in each row, they are lightly pressed and covered with soil. Now only water a bit.

❀ Singling carrots

Separating the carrots is not only necessary to give them more space. If the plants are too dense, they not only grow worse, but also become more susceptible to various diseases.

Of course, not all seeds always go up, so the carrots will not appear evenly in the ranks. In this way, many gaps in the series already arise by themselves.

In order to create more space for the carrots, the weakest specimens are removed immediately, thus creating more gaps.

Then more of the stronger seedlings are removed, so that at the end between each plant a distance of at least three to four centimeters is present. When removing the seedlings, always hold them as low as possible on the plant below and then pull them out of the ground.

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