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The carrots have several ways to preserve them for the winter. They can be chopped into glasses or frozen or chained as a whole.
All types of carrots are suitable for preserving and freezing, but especially for the late varieties.
Winter storage in a rent
In times when large quantities of fruit and vegetables were still being harvested from the garden and no refrigerators and freezers were available, terrestrial harbors were often planted in the gardens. These were pits with a depth of 30 to 40 centimeters, which were dug up in the garden and refilled with white sand.
In this sand, the vegetables were simply put into it and then could be removed again as needed. So that the vegetables as well as the sand did not get wet in rain and snow, one covered such a ground rent with one or several broad wooden boards and spread over it a thick layer of straw to protect the vegetables from frost.
Finally, a cover with garden soil or in later times a tarp followed. So that an air exchange could take place, a part of the straw had to stick out at the top.
Who wants to invest such a ground rent in his garden and is plagued by voles, the pit should be laid before filling with a tight-meshed wire so that the vegetables are protected from these rodents. Voles like to eat carrots and would take their chance, because the food supply in winter is already limited. This wire mesh should protrude a few inches out of the ground so the rodents can not find a loophole.
Earth hiring is not only suitable for carrots, but also for other vegetables such as cabbage, beetroot, celery and parsnip, which stay fresh for a long time. It is important, however, only to store healthy and intact vegetables, because mold or pests could otherwise spread quickly.
The rent in the basement
In the same way as the ground rent described above also works a rent, which is set up in the basement.

  • For this purpose, a simple wooden box, which is filled with sand. However, this procedure is only recommended if the cellar is not heated and therefore cold.
  • If the box is refilled, this can be done layer by layer. First you fill a layer of sand, then a layer of carrots, which in turn are covered with sand and so on.
When wintering in a rent, it is important that the carrots are not washed before they are put into the sand, because then the sand would be too wet and the vegetables could begin to mold. Instead of washing the carrots, they are therefore freed from the earth only by hand or with a soft brush. In addition, it is better not to cut the green, but turn off by hand. A few centimeters of the green should always remain on the carrots.

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