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Fallobst, with some small brown spots, does not always have to land on the compost right away. Here are 4 tips on how you can use Fallobst.

Fallobst can be used in many ways

The first fall falls already in early summer from the trees. Reasons for this are often light storms or worm-eaten and over-ripe fruits, etc. However, you can use the once lying on the ground fall still mostly meaningful or use. It would be a pity to simply dispose of the fruits. So here are a few tips on how to use the fall fruit in a meaningful way.

4 tips for the sensible recovery of fallen fruit

Tip 1 - Use Fallobst as a fertilizer:

Use Fallobst as fertilizer

You should bring immature and rotten fallout directly to the compost, where it rots quickly. The advantage: in a rotted condition, you can later re-deploy the fallen fruit (like autumn foliage) on the beds and thus supply the soil with many valuable nutrients. You can thus produce valuable fertilizer from the fallen fruit in this way.

" Important:

On a compost, fruit often attracts insects, which is why you should cover them to a large extent (for example with freshly mown grass). Or you can use a special thermo-composter for this purpose.

But you can also dig the fruit directly around trees and hedges so that they can deliver their nutrients as directly as possible to the individual plants during rotting. In this case, the nutrient delivery usually lasts even a whole year. The fallen fruit must be buried as deep as possible in the soil so that it is not dug up by the animals.

Tip 2 - Add fruit fruit for juicing:

Juicing fruit

In late summer, fruits sometimes fall in droves from the trees because they have simply reached their perfect maturity. You can still use most of the fallen fruit when you pick it up from the ground as quickly as possible so that it does not get brown spots (so-called fall dents). These dents are very quickly putrefied and thus make the fruit unusable for further consumption.

You can then use this fruit afterwards, e.g. go to a juice factory. These take namely good fall even for juicing. And fresh juice from your own garden tastes twice as good.

Tip 3 - reduce the fruit, put it in, etc.

Cook fruit

Of course, if you bring the fall into your kitchen quickly, you can of course also make tasty jams, chutneys or fruit pulp. And who likes, can then give away as well. Such homemade gifts from the garden are always very well received.

But the fruits are of course also suitable for baking. In addition, you can cut out fruit even in alcohol without problems, which, for example, can be used to produce a tasty rum pot. Or you can insert the fall normally. So you always have delicious compote in the house.

Tip 4 - Use Fallobst as animal feed:

Fallobst animal feed

Furthermore, you can also use good fallen fruits as animal feed. And if you do not have any animals, then you can give away the fruit as well. Many zoos and also some foresters are often very grateful buyers of untreated fruit fruits.

But even microorganisms such as squirrels, birds and hedgehogs are happy about this delicious food source. Therefore, simply set up a feeding place for the small animals in the garden.

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