Planting Castor - How to grow the miracle tree

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Planting a castor does not require much effort. Moreover, the plant is fast-growing and can close gaps in the bed nimble.

Plant castor bean

Castor oil is a wolf milk plant and forms in this family the sole genus Ricinus. Like a green hand, the plant seems to stretch towards the light. The term miracle tree can be attributed to the rapid growth of castor. In fact, the miracle tree is one of the fastest-growing plant species observed in Europe.

This is what the right location for the castor looks like

The location should be selected in view of the natural conditions of the plant. First, there is the already mentioned growth. The plant needs sufficient space and will be grown as high as a few weeks. Within a few months, a stature height of three meters is not uncommon. Incidentally, as the roots spread very widely, planting directly on the sidewalk or at pond edges is not recommended.

In order for the miracle tree to be literally admired, a single position is of course an advantage. If it has enough space available, castor is also a pretty accent in the bed, preferably in combination with low growing colorful summer flowers or perennials.

The castor generally prefers a sunny spot. Even the blazing midday sun can not harm the tropical plant. A sunbathing area will not only ensure a healthy growth, but also emphasize the color attractiveness of the plant and bring out the rich red of the flowers particularly intensely. If the plant does not get a sunbed, the foliage will fade. As a specimen plant, castor bean is also exposed to strong winds. These can damage leaves and shoots. Take care of a wind-protected location.

Can the plant be cultivated in the bucket?

The planting in the bucket is quite possible. However, the miracle trees will then grow less impressively. This in turn has the advantage that you will enjoy the plants for several years. In the field, castor oil is often grown only as a one-year-old crop. The potted plants come in a sunny location on the terrace or in the background of beds and borders positioned to advantage.

But keep in mind: If you plant caster in the tub, it has a higher water and nutrient requirement than a plant in the field.

Select the appropriate substrate

❍ in the field:

Castor turns out to be quite undemanding in terms of the quality of the soil. Nevertheless, you should pay a lot of attention, so that the plant can develop optimally and it does not come to deficiency symptoms. The substrate should be, for example, a fresh and nutrient-rich soil. Likewise, good permeability is important. In the soil permeability fingertip feeling is needed. A too permeable soil results in a quick rinsing out of the nutrients.

About two weeks before the planned planting you can upgrade the soil with compost and manure. Furthermore, you should loosen up the soil and free from stones, branches and debris.

❍ in the bucket:

If the castor is to be planted in the tub, a high-quality substrate is particularly important, because the fast-growing plant has only a small space available for nutrient uptake. Since the miracle tree is one of the heavyweights, the content of nutrients in the bucket is used up very quickly. You should therefore use a high-quality potting soil, which will provide you with compost and horn shavings.

Planting castor - explained step by step

After the Eisheiligen, from about mid-May, the miraculous trees can be planted out. This ensures that the plant has enough time until next winter to form a stable root system. When planting, proceed as follows:

  1. Prepare the floor as described.
  2. Soak rootballs of the plant in water.
  3. Lift plant hole twice the size of root ball.
  4. Create drainage against waterlogging.
  5. Put the castor in the planting hole.
  6. Fill the earth.
  7. Press soil well.
  8. Water the plant sufficiently.

If you want to have several plants in one group, you have to pay attention to the fast growth and the associated high space requirements. Maintain a planting distance of at least one meter, so that the plants can develop well and do not have to stand in the mutual fight for water and nutrients.

Planting castor: advantages and disadvantages at a glance

✔ Advantages:

The castor is an attractive plant that can enhance any garden and also in the bucket on the terrace for an eye-catcher. The plants are quite easy to cultivate and will convince by their imposing growth.

✘ Disadvantages:

The miracle tree needs sufficient space, so that nothing stands in the way of its meter-high growth.In addition, the plant is poisonous, which can be a danger to small children and pets. Especially the seeds of the plant are a real danger. The pleasant taste will not stop children and pets from eating the seeds. The danger comes from Ricin. It is one of the most toxic natural proteins. Already the consumption of some grains can lead to death. An effective antidote is not yet known. Keeping the seeds protected from children and pets is therefore a must!


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