Cat fright - how can cats be expelled from the garden?

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Neighbor's cats fish the pond empty, problems with cat droppings in their own garden, even though you have no cats? Any garden lover will go nuts for these reasons and look for an aid, because you can not guard the garden all the time.
Meanwhile, there are small electronic defense devices, which are usually not expensive, even without electricity work, thanks to a nine volt battery, and so in about four months to stay operational. The range of these devices is about eight meters in the area, it is weatherproof and usually needs to be mounted on a peg, in about thirty centimeters high. This makes it easy to hide in a perennial bed. Important is the choice of location, always where the cat plague occurs, ie the cat is undesirable.
Cat fright handyThe device emits a sound that is inaudible to the human ear, but painful for the cat to flee. The disadvantage here is that, unfortunately, dogs and hedgehogs respond quickly. Bats should not be bothered by it. The animal is not harmed, it is merely expelled.
Be careful when purchasing miracle devices
These above-mentioned cat-shock devices work with ultrasound, and not only here at you can find several articles that deal with the dangers that can come from these mostly insufficiently specified devices. The conclusion here is that if a defensive device operates in a frequency range within the listening range of the cat, there is little danger of this device damaging or destroying the cat's hearing. And then there is the risk that the device also harms the hearing of your dog, or the hearing of a baby in the stroller passed by, which can hear much higher sounds than an adult...
Relaxed handling of foreign cats
If you want to deny foreign cats access to your property, it must be remembered that behind every cat there is also a cat lover, ie a person who has hung his heart on exactly this cat.
You may already be successful if you reshape your garden to make it less attractive to neighboring cats. This could even make your garden ecologically more valuable if you For example, covering the open soil of flowerbeds with prickly ground coverings not only expels the cats from the bed, but also improves the soil.
If you are more concerned with preventing the alien cats from "relieving" themselves on your property, it may help to make the garden areas covered with open soil and gravel a little more natural, with mulch or (thorn-reinforced) groundcover.
Then you could counter the cats all sorts of unpleasant odors, on the Internet you will find many suggestions. Rewarding z. As the spraying of vinegar or aftershave, the laying out of cloves and pepper, coffee grounds or the smell of neighboring dogs should not like cats.
You could also plant several verpiss-you plants "Coleus canina", this particular strain of harp shrub intended to discourage cats. Against the smell of cat urine there are special enzymes for spraying to buy.
If you are being visited by a cat for the first time, you can sometimes completely ruin your cat's garden by installing motion detectors that emit light and sound, and even barking devices. Or you actively interfere with a water gun z. B., or with a always at the right time established lawn sprinkler.
Especially in combination, such simple remedies are often successful, cats do not like constant stress and prefer to seek other options.
If you are really seriously affected by the stranger cat, eg. B. due to an allergy, the last resort would be a conversation with the neighbors on "secured clearance". Perhaps you can help with the installation of the boundaries, in areas that are not completely low in traffic, your neighbor will take the advantage that his cat will probably live much longer.

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