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Sniffing, watching, playing: for cats, there is nothing better than being outdoors. Here are some tips on how to get your cat used to the garden.

Cat with mum in the garden

You have just moved and now have a garden? Or have you recently acquired a cat? Then you should keep in mind that cats sometimes need a freewheel to let off steam. What could be better than a garden with so much to discover?

But before you can send your cat alone, you first have to get used to the clearance and the new environment. Not every cat dares to go outside right away. Especially young kittens and cats, which were previously held exclusively in the apartment, are thus quite difficult. But with a bit of practice and patience, you can soon let your cat run through the garden alone.

A lot of patience is needed

The characters of cats are very different. Just as with us humans just as well. You have to take this individual character into account and, therefore, you may also need to be patient. With pressure you achieve nothing at your pet. It may take a few weeks for your cat to explore the garden alone. Many animals are initially afraid of freedom and the unfamiliar sounds outside.

But before it can go outside, it's important to make your garden cat-safe. This is the only way to prevent your cat from running or falling off the street. You will find important tips on this in our article Making Your Garden Safe for the Cat - 6 Important Tips.

Proceed step by step

➤ Step 1 - Walk in the garden with cat harness:

As with us humans, anxious cats need above all safety. After all, the garden is something new to them, something unknown, so it is clear that they are insecure. You can help your pet by first taking it with a cat harness in the garden. So many cats feel safer and can not escape if they are scared.

For 14 days you should walk with your cat in the garden and let them slowly explore everything. You should always speak with a quiet, quiet voice to your pet, because it feels safe and secure. Your cat should be able to sniff at everything and take as much time as she likes.


The door to the house should always be open, so that your cat can go back inside if necessary.

➤ Step 2 - first releases without cat dishes:

After about two weeks of exploring the dishes, your cat should feel safe. Now you can leave them in the garden without crockery and leash. But go outside with your pet. Even then you should leave the house or patio door open so that your pet has its retreat.

In between, you should call your cat from the house every now and then by name, because it finds the way home faster and gets more security.

➤ Step 3 - Send the cat alone:

If you feel that your cat has gotten used to everything and finds his way to the door without calling, then you can send them alone to the garden. Make sure to place your cat outside, but always put a bowl of food on it so it can strengthen in between. In addition, cats remember better where their home is.


If your cat disappears from the garden, put yourself exactly where you always leave them in the garden and call for your pet. So she memorizes the way home better.

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