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The home of many different insects are fruit trees. The crowns and branch crutches serve the animals for oviposition and the hatched insects later for nutrition. Pest infestation before the fruit harvest or complete crop failures are therefore possible due to these insects. With a caterpillar glue ring, amateur gardeners can protect their trees while at the same time avoiding the use of harmful insect repellents.
By insect infestation complete plantations can be eroded
Mostly in autumn, caterpillars and female insects crawl, which have no wings to the crowns of the fruit trees. In protected places and in the coarse bark the eggs of the insects are stored frost-proof. The following spring, small caterpillars hatch from these eggs. A particularly voracious pest in fruit trees is the small and large frostbite. Their hatching time is the early autumn. The eggs survive frosty frosty nights and from April to June, the caterpillars can eat complete plantations bald. The buds and flowers of the fruit trees are also eaten by these insects.
Unlike the small frostbite, the big Frostspanner spins thin nets to protect against enemies. The infestation can be seen on closer inspection. Before pupation, the frost vices look for protection in the ground in front of the trees. After hatching, the females leave the soil again. The female of the Frostspanner also can not fly and therefore crawls along the trunk to the branches of the fruit trees. With a caterpillar glue ring the infestation can be prevented or minimized as far as possible. Also, aphids and ants are effectively repelled with a caterpillar glue ring. Due to the wind, the caterpillars can be blown several hundred meters. Affected trees in the vicinity can therefore be repeatedly attacked despite the attached caterpillar glue ring.
Caterpillar glue rings offer protection against insects without harmful insecticides
Caterpillar glue rings can be bought as ready-to-use catching belts for insects in the specialized and garden market. The ring is cut to the circumference of the tree and fastened with an enclosed wire or raffia. The ring must be close to the bark, so that no caterpillars can slip through behind the adhesive surface. In addition, the ends should overlap so that the ring does not self-dissolve during the year. To avoid catching useful insects, most products are dark green in color. To catch the crawling pests, the glue ring is treated with synthetic resin. Most caterpillar glue rings also have a plastic or paper crow that needs to be cut to keep rainwater away from the adhesive surface.
The insect repellent should be attached in time
The commercially available beaded glue rings are usually packaged by the meter and can be used without further preparation. Therefore, several fruit trees with one pack can be effectively protected against insects. It is important that the caterpillar glue ring is applied exactly to the manufacturer's specifications.

  • The natural insect repellent should be installed at a height of 60 to 80 cm for effective protection.
  • The females of Frostspanner lay their eggs in the fall. The glue ring should therefore be applied before oviposition by mid-October at the latest.
  • If the insects have laid their eggs, the caterpillar glue ring must be removed and replaced. The material is compostable, but should be burned for safety, to prevent the caterpillars from hatching in the spring.
  • In addition to fruit trees, oak, beech, hornbeam and maple can be protected from attack by natural insect repellent.
  • Since the synthetic resins are frost-proof and do not lose their effect even when wet, the caterpillar glue rings can be used all year round.
The prices for caterpillar glue rings can vary
Since no insecticides are used, a caterpillar glue ring is particularly environmentally friendly and can be disposed of on your own compost if there is no infestation. Caterpillar glue rings are offered in specialist shops by different manufacturers. Usually, pack sizes of three to six meters are available. The mounting material is included with all manufacturers as a cord raffia or wire. Depending on the pack size and manufacturer, the prices for the caterpillar glue ring vary between six and twenty euros.
  • It is recommended to use the caterpillar glue ring in October as a frost release and in spring it offers a wonderful protection against ants. But the formation of aphids can be prevented by the caterpillar glue ring. In warm autumn weather, the females hatch the aphids, but they are without wings. So they can put their 200 to 300 eggs in the treetop, they have to crawl up the tree trunk.
  • But they are hindered by the caterpillar glue ring, because here they simply stick. This leaves the treetop undamaged and the buds can sprout unhindered.
  • So that the caterpillar glue ring can also develop its full effect, the tree bark should be smoothed a good 80 centimeters above the ground with a spatula. Care must be taken here to ensure that the tree is not injured. This work is necessary so that the caterpillar glue ring can be as close as possible to the trunk, which finds its exact application at this point.
  • In order for the caterpillar glue ring to remain firmly attached to the tree trunk even in wind and weather, it should be connected with a wire, which is usually enclosed with the packaging. If a support pile is used for the corresponding tree, it is important to provide it with a caterpillar glue ring as well, otherwise the pests willingly accept this detour to the tree top.

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