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Cats are the most popular pets with us Germans. There are a good 8 million cats in our households. Many of them are free-lancers and there often starts the trouble: cats know no boundaries.
They do not distinguish between the home and the garden of the neighbor. They mark their territory with urine and leave their Kothaufen. This is not only unpleasant for those with children playing in the garden, but for all. Constantly removing feces and having to smell the hot urine is more than uncomfortable, even if you're a cat lover.
Although it is up to the cat owners to raise their pets, but hardly anyone does it. "Cats do it" and "What can I do for it?" Are often common answers. It takes time and energy to teach a cat where to do business and where not. This is too laborious for many and often ends in vain.
What can be done against cats doing their business in the garden can not be answered in one sentence. There are many ways to help, but there is no such thing as a panacea. Every cat reacts to other things - you have to try it. Often, the remedies help well right from the start, but then the effects diminish quickly.
Avoid plants that attract cats
There are garden plants that cats like very much. If you plant them in the garden, you can be sure that cats will come over. Therefore you should not grow valerian or catnip. On the other hand, there are some plants that are said to drive cats. So the "Verpiss.dich plant" to help dogs and cats. But most of the four-legged friends laugh about it and do not bother with it at all.
Chase away cats
If you know a spot in the garden where cats keep doing business, you can use the water bug. The device is permanently installed and can be set in different stages. When moving, it emits a jet of water. Cats do not like that. The difficulty is to meet her.
Cheaper is therefore, to put on the wait. Cats are habitual animals. They always come at about the same time. If you spray them with a water pistol, you have more chances to meet them. If this works several times in succession, the animals will remember that. They are clever. Most of the time you have peace first.
Rabiaters, but also effective, are water-filled balloons. If possible, they should open in front of or behind the cat. Noise and water, that's too much for every cat. They are looking for space and will consider coming back.
Fend off cat

  • There are ultrasound equipment (Cat fright), which work with high-frequency sounds that can not be perceived by humans. Cats and other animals do not like them at all. Nevertheless, the devices do not help against all cats.
  • cats granules aims at the sensitive sense of smell of cats and is initially also quite effective. However, we smell that too. In addition to the terrace is very uncomfortable. In addition, the effect wears off quite quickly. The smell evaporates.

  • pepper dust helps to know the places where the cat relieves. There you distribute the dust. Cats always smell before they mark or do their business. The smell is unpleasant, they do not like it.
  • Likewise contribute with Tea tree oil Soaked pieces of mull or towels, which are laid out next to the squares. You have to refresh every now and then.
  • If a cat can not scratch the spot where she does her business, she bothers. So it helps if stones are distributed at this point - not too big, not too small. Of course, she will look for a new place, you have to prevent that.
Further funds
  • Celaflor dog and cat stop (500 ml about 10 euros): There are very divided opinions about this spray, which lobben one, others report zero effect.
  • The same applies to dipure® dog, cat and marten stop (500 ml approx. 17 Euro)
  • To distribute cloves on the fence within the property should also help. The smell will also disappear over time.
  • The same effect is achieved with chopped onions and garlic.
There is no guarantee for any of the above listed remedies. The best way to reach cats with water and odors. If you have time and energy, you should lie to the lurking and attack each time the cat with water. They remember that quickly. But that does not work in the long term either. At some point, another cat dares to land again. On the other hand, one is powerless, unless one pulls a high wall around his property and who wants that?

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