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Photo: Jean Jacques MILAN, CC BY-SA 3.0, Ceanothus

So far, not too common, but also known in our climes, is the S├Ąckelblume. The mostly blue, partly pink flowers of the decorative shrub appear in spring and look particularly pretty. Ceanothus also enjoys the abundance of flowers during the summer. The perennial plant, which can grow up to three and a half feet, usually grows into a compact, plump shrub. Ceanothus is a Flachwurzler. The S├Ąckelblume can be used well on a trellis. It belongs to the family of the Kreuzdorngw├Ąchse. Some Ceanothus species are also referred to as S├Ąckelblume or their origin and likeness to lilac as California lilac.

Care, cutting and wintering of Ceanothus

Ceanothus is generally easy to care for. The plant grows in sunny and partially shaded locations, with abundant flowers in sunny locations. The S├Ąckelblume prefers a sheltered location. Planting along a wall is optimal. Many Ceanothussorten tendrils. It is important to install a climbing aid. Also, an attitude of Ceanothus or California lilac in a large tub is possible. However, think of a trellis as well.

Ceanothus requires regular fertilizer inputs in order to thrive optimally. The addition of fertilizers containing nitrogen and potassium is recommended, especially in spring, as this promotes the formation of new shoots and later flowers. About every three weeks, the Ceanothus plant should be supplied with liquid fertilizer.

Loose soil, which is also well drained, are particularly suitable for planting the S├Ąckelblume.

Ceanothus tolerates cold very well, only in new plantations a winter protection is required. A cover in the form of straw and foliage is well suited to protect young plants.

Generally, no pruning is required, but old flowers should be removed. If a pruning should nevertheless be done, it is advisable to prune the plant only slightly after the winter. In a stronger pruning the plant drives out of the root again.

Beautiful varieties of Ceanothus

Meanwhile, there are various varieties and different Neuz├╝chtugen the Ceanothus plant. A pretty rarity is the Ceanothussorte Trewithen Blue, which is considered to be particularly beautiful ornamental plant with its deep blue, pleasantly fragrant flowers.

It is also possible to purchase a Ceanothus tribe. The - as the name suggests - blue-flowering strain Blue Mound is particularly well suited as a decorative eye-catcher at the house entrance or on the balcony and terrace.

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