Freeze Celery - It's that easy

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Most vegetables can be easily frozen. So also the celery. But especially with celery there is a lot to keep in mind, so that guaranteed nothing goes wrong when freezing.

Freeze Celery - It's that easy

The main harvest of celery is in September or October, but if you want to use the spicy tuber or the crispy sticks in the kitchen all year round, you can easily freeze celery.

Both celeriac and celery stay in the freezer for a long time. And the best? Only a few steps are needed to gently freeze the vegetables.

Celeriac - raw and cooked possible

You can freeze celeriac both raw and cooked. Popular is the combination of celeriac, carrots and parsley or better known as greens.

Simply cut off a piece of celery, peel it and put it together with a small carrot or a piece (depending on the size of the carrot and to your own taste), as well as a few stalks of parsley (usually smooth, curly is also possible) Piece of cling film. These then wrap tightly around the vegetables so that small packets are formed. The finished packets are best placed in a freezer. Without much effort you now always have the right vegetables for a strong soup at hand.

If you want to freeze your celery without an additional companion, you must peel the tuber in advance. Then cut into handy cubes and place in a freezer bag. Label with date and content and you're done. With this method, the celery keeps about 6 months in the freezer.

Already processed celeriac can of course also be frozen. Just let the vegetables cool, pour into a freezer, label and then you can also cool the boiled celery for a few months.

Celery needs a good preparation

For celery you have to do something different. This should be blanched before freezing. Here is a little guide:

1 Cut the celery stalks into not too big pieces and remove any damaged areas and brown spots. Bring some salted water to a boil and add the pieces in portions for about 3 minutes.

2 Remove the pieces of celery with a skimmer and allow to drain. Then place in a bowl with ice water. So the cooking process is stopped and the bars keep their beautiful green color for a long time.

3 Finally, drain the celery well and place it in handy portions in a labeled freezer bag. So you know exactly when they frozen what amount.

Blanched celery can easily last a few months in the freezer.

Video Board: How to Freeze Celery.

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