Celery harvest - Do not prick the root!

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Celery is a vegetable that should be in every good kitchen every now and then. If you want to harvest your celery, then you should pay a lot of attention.

Celery reap root

Celery contains many vitamins
Celery is not only healthy and has many vitamins, it should also be potency-enhancing. You will not be told twice and like to plant one or the other plant in the garden.

harvest time
Celery should not be harvested too early. At the end of October, at the beginning of November, he usually gets a real boost and puts in a lot of weight. You can achieve this by pouring the celery adequately and not saving on the fertilizer. You can then harvest it just before the first frost.

Never prick the root!
There are two things that are practiced again and again, but should be avoided when harvesting: please never prune the root and leave all leaves on the plant. So the celery is a really big and tasty vegetables. These two mistakes will otherwise prevent the plant from growing, rather than promoting it.

By the way:
Due to the many essential oils contained in celery, it reduces blood pressure and prevents the formation of germs and bacteria in the mouth and in the pharynx. Celery is also very low in calories and contains many important vitamins and minerals.

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