Chagapilz: the miracle cure from Siberia

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In terms of nutrition, Europe has been showing great interest in experimentation and curiosity for a number of years, and the growing health aspect of food is becoming ever more important. Currently, the Chagapilz has appeared on the menu. We explain what is behind the Chagapilz, the much praised wonder drug from Siberia.

Chagapilz = slate Schillerporling

The Chagapilz is, botanically speaking, the oblate Schillerporling (Inonotus obliquus), which counts to the order of the bristle-disc-like (Hymenochaetales). Of course it grows as a parasite on trees, especially on birch, but also occurs on alder or beech. He is mainly domiciled in Scandinavia, Russia and Asia. Especially in Russia, it has been known for several centuries as a healing medicinal mushroom

The Chaga mushroom: A miracle cure?

As far as the healing properties of the chaga mushroom are concerned, opinions differ. While some talk about a Siberian wonder drug that is even said to have a carcinogenic and anti-tumor effect, others only praise its healthy ingredients. It is clear that the Chagapilz has a long tradition as a medical remedy. It contains numerous minerals, antioxidants, various B vitamins and beta-glucan, a compound that consists of several glucose molecules. Beta-glucan is said to have an immune system-strengthening effect and can be found in the cell walls of various fungi and plants. Basically, the chaga mushroom is said to have an anti-inflammatory and digestive-stimulating effect. Since it should also have a positive effect on the blood sugar level, it is interesting as a natural remedy for diabetics. In general, the chaga mushroom should increase the well-being, refine the skin and reduce stress.


Especially in Russia, chaga mushroom has been drunk in the form of hot tea for centuries

Preparation of chaga mushroom

Traditionally, the Chagapilz is finely ground for use and infused as a tea. Its taste and color remind of coffee or black tea. At the moment, however, it is also available in the form of dietary supplements, cold drinks and as an ingredient in medical (naturopathic) products.

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