Cultivating Lantana - 5 tips

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Lantans are trinkets for the garden

The pretty lanterns are for every terrace and every balcony a real gem. Today we would like to give you tips on how to cultivate your Lantana.

Tip 1 - Choose the right location
Lantana is not only a gem for the terrace or the balcony, also in the conservatory, the plants are often kept. If you find a place out there for you, then you should know that lanterns love to be hot and sunny. Then they really bloom. So if you have a sunny terrace that does not bloom normally, lavender is welcome there.

Tip 2 - Fertilize and water regularly
Lantana is available as a small flower-bed, as bush and even as a small tree. They bloom in the most beautiful colors. Especially popular are varieties that change their color during flowering. Make sure that they are always kept moist and receive a dose of fertilizer once a week.

Tip 3 - Winter hibernate
Be sure to bring your Lantana indoors in time to hibernate because they do not like frost. Wintering is done at a maximum of ten degrees in a bright place. You should stop fertilizing during the winter months. They should also give water only sporadically.

Tip 4 - prune lavender
You do not need to prune the plant to get a bushy growth. When new shoots emerge in summer, you should clip them off with your fingers. You also have to cut off blooming umbels.

Tip 5 - Fight pests
Spider mites, aphids and even white flies like to fall on lavender. You can fight these pests with soapy water.

Video Board: How to Prepare Soil to Plant Lantana : Garden Savvy.

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