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Lantana got its name because the color of its flowers changes during flowering. In this country, the plant is kept in tubs. Since it is not hardy, the lantana must be wintered bright and cool. At the beginning of March, the plant is warmer and begins to be used more frequently.
Plant lantana
If you are patient, you can sow the lantana too. The best for sowing in the house is February. The seeds need heat until they germinate. Best place a Styrofoam plate on the heater and put the seed box on it. The earth must not dry out. If the plantlets are big enough, they are individually piked into small pots and placed a little cooler, so they do not shoot up. Regular pruning allows the plant to become more compact and thus achieves a better branching. In the outdoors, the plants can only reach for the icy saints. Hours earlier, too, to harden them and soak up the sun.
In the bucket or in the field, Lantana camara need a lot of water and lots of fertilizer. However, waterlogging must be avoided at all costs so that no root damage can occur. If you plant the Lantana in the bed, it is advantageous to put some bark mulch on the root area. That keeps the earth moist longer. In the bucket you can prevent the drying of the soil by planting with summer flowers, such as manure. Periodically remove any blooms and fruits that may have been planted, so that the plant is not weakened unnecessarily. In late summer you can also increase lobules from cuttings.
Recommended varieties of Lantana camara:

  • Arlequin: Dark pink with yellow
  • Fabiola: Salmon pink with yellow
  • Professor RaouxImage: Scarlet with orange,
  • Castle Ortenburg: Brick red with salmon and yellow
  • gold sun: Money
  • snow white: White
  • Yellow: Yellow
  • Lantana montevidensis: Pink / purple, lying, height about 30 cm
To multiply lanterns
There are several ways to help Lantana reproduce. Cuttings are a very good option, as they start very quickly new roots. This works best in the water, but also in the bucket or in a pot with new soil. In order to accelerate the propagation, it is recommended to rooted the cuttings first in the water, making sure to pre-cut already existing leaves, flowers, etc. beforehand. As a rule, the cuttings rooted in water within two to three weeks.
In order to plant the Lantana cuttings or the new shoots in a bucket, it is best to use substrate or fresh potting soil. During rooting you should remove the leaves, this helps the plant to concentrate fully on the propagation and protects it from unwanted mold or fungus formation. Some prefer to plant the cuttings in sand and cover them with a plastic cover. After three to four weeks, this form of propagation should also bear "blooming fruits".
When is the best time to fertilize?
The lettuce must always be used during the growth phase. The best time for this is between the beginning of spring to the beginning of autumn (end of February to the beginning of October at the latest). There are many different fertilizers that can be used for pot and tub plantlets.
  • For Lantana camara liquid fertilizers are particularly well suited, as they are very fast acting and also very easy to use.
  • You can enrich the fertilizer with a little water and thus gently feed the plant.
  • It should be fertilized a maximum of twice a month.
  • In addition, care should be taken never to pour the fertilizer directly onto the substrate.
  • The surface of the earth must always be slightly moistened.
  • The Lantana camara needs hardly any water during the winter and fertilization can be completely avoided during this time.
Cut lanterns
Even before the plant sprouts, the Lantana should be trimmed at least 10 to 15 cm. The best time for this is the end of winter or early spring. As a result, it is not only the new shoots that are enjoying lively growth, but the old ones, too, have become more assertive and form new flowers.
Useful tips:
  • The lavender always needs sunny, bright places. Too much shade can damage the flowers.
  • Even before the first frost, the Lantana camara must be brought into a bright, but cool room. The room temperature should not fall below 7┬░ C in winter. For the transitional period, a temperature of 7 - 12┬░ C is suitable, for. B. in a greenhouse.
  • Whoever grows tall trunks of lanterns should place the tubs in a sheltered place. The flower heads of the roses are delicate and can otherwise bend.
  • When repotting the plants, it is advisable to plant young shoots in smaller vessels. As the roses can grow denser in a narrower space.

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