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The shady area at the foot of the old spruce serves as a storage place for the swing frame and is otherwise hardly used. The problem is that nothing really wants to grow here - even the lawn is difficult in the dry root area. The big tree actually does not provide any bad conditions for a beautiful shadow planting.

Suggestion 1: Garden fun for young and old

The garden plot is large enough to create separate spaces for parents and children. While the offspring practicing goal wall shooting in the back area or building a cave under the willow tunnel, the adults can observe the hustle and bustle of the bank, read a book or simply enjoy the flowers.

Round bench on gravel circle

Under the spruce a gravel circle is strewn on which a round bank is placed

So that the decorative blue round bench does not stand on an unsightly brown surface, light gravel was distributed around the trunk of the large spruce. Even more inviting is the seat by the blue Clematis 'Mrs Cholmondeley', which hangs on the trunk. It blooms in June and again in late summer. The magical variety may also grow on the obelisks in the bed.
The color blue is taken up again by the goal wall and gives harmony to the garden. In addition, orange-red daylilies 'Ruffled Apricot', yellow-green lady's mantle and pale bluebells provide color. Violet summer lilac 'Empire Blue', blue hydrangea 'Endless Summer' and white fragrance jasmine 'Erectus' border the garden towards the neighbor. The main flowering period is in June and July. The boxwood balls look good all year round. For a dense growth they need a pruning every four weeks between April and September.

Suggestion 2: Schattenbeet with a natural flair

The planting of the narrower root area of ​​the spruce is not easy. A good solution for this problem area are raised beds. In them, grasses and flowering shrubs find enough root space. Most trees can tolerate a slight soil uptake in the root area, but it should start only 50 centimeters from the trunk. Depending on the weather and rain permeability of the treetop, however, the plants in the raised bed need additional watering.

Design idea with gravel circle and raised bed

In our second design idea, we sprinkle a semicircle of gravel under the spruce, where we place raised beds

Through the large semicircle of gravel, the shadow plantings bordered with wooden planks, low willow meadows and rubble stones are beautifully staged. In June, the pink Balkan Cranesbill 'Czakor' is accompanied by attractive fern fronds, one step up the pink autumn anemone 'Septembercharm'. The cream-white panicles of the grass Schmiele 'Goldschleier' serve as a bright eye-catcher.
The lungwort growing in the stone bed has its great appearance in the spring. The ground-level, clinker-bordered jewelery area with the colorful pebbles also on dull winter days for color. Evergreen ivy climbs up the trunk, it does not harm the tree.
Along the garden border are pink weigelias 'Styriaca' and a forest-goat beard. The Funkie 'Fire Island' in the pot is a treasure with light green leaves and red petioles. It gets the place on the stone column - here it comes out perfectly. The small clay ball serves as an additional decorative element.

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