Cheap garden products from discounters? Lidl online shop under the magnifying glass

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Garden tools from brand manufacturers are expensive. Discounter offers from Aldi and Lidl can often save a lot of money. The Lidl online shop offers a large assortment with good prices.

Cheap garden products from discounters - Lidl online shop under the magnifying glass

For more than 1,5 years I live in my new home. The house construction was completely undertaken by different companies. When moving in, so everything was ready and exactly as we imagined - at least as far as home and interior. It looks quite different outside. With a plot of over 3000 m² you have a lot to do. It has to be completely arable. This not only costs a lot of time, it is also quite money.

Lawnmowers, spades, small garden tools, plants, trees, etc, I could go on with the list forever. Anyone who moves from the city to the countryside simply has to gain a lot. Best, of course, all at once, because you want to get ahead too. But as already mentioned, of course it all costs a lot of money. So I looked for cheap alternatives. Through the advertising leaflets, which flutter into the house every week, I came across Aldi & Lidl and was able to grow quite a few cheap plant. Inspired by that, I also took a closer look at the Lidl online shop (Aldi still has none!) And was surprised at how diversified the offer is.

Great selection for a small price

If you think that even the brochures offer a lot for garden owners, you should definitely visit the Lidl online shop. Above all, because you do not have to wait here for the offers to arrive in the supermarket on Monday or Thursday. You can order the offers and many more products anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while supplies last. A clear plus.

Category Garden & Barbecues

So now to the large selection. A glance at the category "Garden & Barbecues" will make the gardener's heart beat a little faster. Mainly but probably the women's. Because here are many things that can beautify the garden. From decorations on a wide range of plants to garden furniture and comfortable lounge furniture is all there.

The cozy Allibert balcony set Iowa is a perfect example of the fact that quality does not always have to cost a lot of money. Instead of for 120 euros you get here for 99.99 euros two comfortable chairs and a small side table in rattan look. The material used is high quality polypropylene that is UV and weather resistant. According to the many positive customer reviews, the set is not only easy to assemble, but it sits above all cozy and that is ultimately the most important thing or?

Cheap garden products from discounters - LIDL

Furthermore, you will find in this category also various grills, including electric grills, charcoal grills and gas grills. So many cozy evenings are secured with the right furniture and a practical barbecue.

Category Hardware Store

In my first search, I have missed the equipment and practical garden helper in the category garden. After a short search, I found the searched but in the category "hardware store". And lo and behold, there are so many more. Garden shears, lawnmowers, leaf vacuum cleaners, small appliances, and much more. see the subcategory "Garden tools". Again and again there are offers to find, where you get the devices again by up to 37 percent cheaper. I have already gained some and I have to say that I am really impressed by the quality.

That was not all. In addition to the typical garden tools Lidl also offers:

  • Garden and greenhouses
  • Play equipment, such as slides, sandboxes, etc.
  • Carports & Pavilions and
  • finished terrace systems

at. So there is everything you need to get ahead in the garden.

Regular seasonal offers

In addition to the standard repertoire in the online shop, you will receive weekly Lidl promotional flyers with current seasonal offers. Here you can then access the local market, provided you are there on time. Popular things, such as electrical appliances, chairs, tables, umbrellas, flowers and plants, etc. are always quickly sold out.

In the coming week, for example There are again plants to buy, which are ideal for autumn planting. But flower bulbs, which now have to be set to flower next year, you get on Thursday. The birdseed right in the picture also draws our attention to the fact that the cold season is just around the corner. So strike in time.

Excerpt Lidl brochure

If you want to make some really good snappers, you should not always throw the flyers right into the blue bin, but just flick through them. Alternatively, you can also look at these brochures online.

»By the way: Certain products from the brochure can also be ordered directly in the online shop. This is indicated by the note: "online too".

Advantages and disadvantages of the Lidl online shop

Shopping comfortably from home - that's been in demand for a long time. So you can rummage in peace after work, without paying attention to closing times. A disadvantage compared to a suburban shopping course is the delivery time. This is at Lidl 2 to 3 working days. But I was lucky that it was there the next day. So if you can wait, you should order online rather than stand in line with the queues in the morning.

The shipping costs are among the disadvantages of online shopping. Lidl calculates here a flat rate of 4.95 euros. But you can bypass this if you use vouchers before ordering.

A mistake can sometimes be avoided when shopping online. With every normal shop you have 14 days right of withdrawal. Lidl voluntarily extends the return period by another 16 days. So you have 30 days to test the respective items and try them out. It is only important that you return the goods in the original condition. Furthermore, Lidl offers all common payment methods. You can use your purchase

  • bill
  • debit
  • prepayment
  • Sofortuberweisung
  • paypal
  • Credit card
  • Installment purchase and
  • Lidl gift card


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