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When the winter wind whistles around our ears, we usually tend to look at the balcony, which is used so much in summer, from November onwards. So that the sight, which offers itself here, does not drive us the blush in the face - who does not know them, the half-learned plant pots, greasy garden furniture and rust stains on the floor -, it is good, the balcony before the winter again in good shape bring to. So the garden room is beautiful and well maintained, the furniture is spared and the well-wintered plants will make you happy again next year. So have a nice day in late autumn and clear the boat on your balcony. Here comes the balcony checklist.

Plant check-up and pruning

No matter whether you overwinter your balcony plants indoors or outdoors - check your health before the first winter protection measures and check all plant parts for pest infestation (especially the undersides of the leaves). Remove dead plant parts and dry twigs. If the plants are healthy, they can be cut back according to their care instructions. Sometimes a pruning is also necessary to accommodate a large plant in winter quarters. Then the hard-hitting candidates are packed and the non-frost-tolerant plants brought to winter quarters.

Pack container plants frost-proof

Frost-protected wrapped plants

Protected and decorative: Frost-proof wrapped plants, loosely wrapped in jute and covered with fir-spines

Larger potted plants and hardy herbs, which should spend the winter outside, must be well packaged, so that the pot bale does not freeze, because even survive winter hardy plants. Place the pot or bucket on clay feet or Styrofoam plates in a protected corner and wrap it outside with bubble wrap or a Kokosmatte. Colored burlap as an outer layer looks decorative. Depending on the type and intensity of the sun on the balcony, the plant crown should also be covered with a light fleece. For evergreens, this is not necessary. Make sure that the water drain on the pot is not blocked by the frost protection, because frost-hardy plants must be watered a little in the winter so as not to dry out!

Store wooden, clay and terracotta pots frost-free

Unused wooden pots quickly lose their shine when exposed to wind and weather during the cold season. To avoid premature weathering, these planters should not be left out in winter. Terracotta pots have a porous structure that absorbs water and can therefore shatter in freezing temperatures. It's better to spend the winter months in the cellar than on the balcony.

Frost damage to terracotta pots

In frost, terracotta pots are literally blown up

Empty water supply and watering cans

Empty all water tanks and pipes on the balcony. Watering cans filled with water can burst in heavy frost, as well as outdoor water pipes. Turn off the water inlet and drain the remaining water via the drain tap. Watering cans should also be thoroughly cleaned once.

Grant garden furniture

If you have the option of a basement or storage, you should completely moth garden furniture and upholstery from the balcony over the winter. If you clean the furniture thoroughly beforehand, you can put it back in the spring with the first rays of sunshine. If the furniture can not be removed, they should be put together and provided with a watertight cover. Ventilate the cover on beautiful winter days to prevent mold growth. Wooden furniture should be oiled again in autumn.

Moth up the parasol

Make sure that the cloth is completely dry before adding umbrellas and awnings or retracting the awning, otherwise mold and mildew will form over the winter. Empty the umbrella stand and clean it if necessary. Store everything in a dry place.

Pelargonium club lits hibernate

Those who can not get enough of their geraniums (Pelargonium) have the option to overwinter cuttings indoors. Put the freshly cut plant stalks in a peat-sand mixture, cover the plants with a transparent foil and store them in a cool, bright place during the winter. The old plants can then be disposed of.

Remove flower boxes or plant with winter decorations

Snowy broom heath

Besenheide does not mind a snow cap

If you do not want to do without planted window boxes even in winter, you can plant them with broom or small evergreens such as conch or cone cypress, thuja or sugarloaf spruce.This plant jewelery keeps itself over the cold season and looks decorative with and without snow cap. If you prefer to do without balcony boxes in the winter, you should remove them completely, clean them and mothball, otherwise the wintry weather will strain the plastic unnecessarily. If you do not want to plant, but you do not want to lose weight or can, you can also put cut pine branches into the ground in a decorative way. This box greening also ensures privacy in the winter on the balcony and offers, for example, a beautiful backdrop for a fairy lights.

Clean balcony floor

As on the terrace and the balcony floor should be thoroughly cleaned before the winter. With the fall cleaning you save a lot of work in the spring, because then you do not have to remove the dirt cover of a whole year. In addition, now furniture and plant pots are given and the floor is mostly easily accessible. Wooden floors must be treated with wood care before the frost.

Grill grill and cover

Snowy barbecue on the balcony

When the grill is left unprotected in the snow, there is often a nasty surprise in the spring

If you have a larger barbecue on the balcony, you should thoroughly clean it again before the winter, remove the gas cylinder and cover the grill. Dry all parts thoroughly to avoid corrosion. Attention: Propane gas bottles (with closed tap and safety cap) should be stored outdoors in winter for safety reasons. Butane gas is not suitable for storage in sub-zero temperatures and should be in a shed or garden shed - but not in the basement! - be kept.

Set up birdhouses

A bird feeder house brings life to the balcony in winter. But beware! Not everywhere is the erection allowed and welcome. Bear in mind that the birds leave feces and scatter food leftovers. Therefore, set up the house in such a way that neighbors are not disturbed by soiling and also on your balcony no damage, for example, by bird droppings on furniture, arise. Feeding pigeons, seagulls and crows in many places is completely prohibited, so use feeders that are specially designed for songbirds or hang dumplings.

Install Christmas / winter decoration

Christmas decoration balcony

Enchanting balcony decoration: A winter balcony does not have to look drab and dull

Take advantage of the snow-free weeks in November to attach even more elaborate decorations such as fairy lights or lanterns. So when the snow comes, you just have to press the button and your balcony shines in the lights. Even small conifers in the bucket with large loops, snowmen or reindeer made of wood, lanterns, lanterns, cones and similar decorate the balcony over the winter time. Tip: Set up the deco so that it can be seen well from the balcony door, because you will be viewing it from inside most of the time!

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