Cherry laurel hedge - planting distance, cutting, fertilizing

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A hedge is an excellent visual, wind and noise protection. It is natural and fits perfectly into the environment. It offers animals a home and food.
Accordingly, a hedge for each plot is a recommended demarcation.
Once you have decided on a hedge, the next question to ask is which plant the hedge should be made of. A very nice variant is a cherry laurel hedge. The cherry laurel as a hedge plant is undemanding. The location can be shady or sunny, neither of which makes the cherry laurel the least.
A cherry laurel hedge grows very dense. As a result, it fulfills all the above points. Best is the variety Herbergii suitable for hedge planting. These - like all other varieties of cherry laurel - are purchased at the nursery.
Propagation of cherry laurel is not easy, therefore it is recommended to buy plants. The optimal time to plant a cherry laurel hedge is either spring or late summer.
The care of the cherry laurel hedge
The cut of the cherry laurel hedge is not a problem even for the inexperienced. In general, this type of hedge is cut very loose. A hedge trimmer can be used, but it should not be used indiscriminately.
Trimming with this exactly to a height, you have at the end of a variety of halved leaves, which does not necessarily look nice from close. Here it is better to proceed with a little sensitivity and to shorten the shoots individually. Although this is more time-consuming, but makes the result much nicer than the ruthless trim of the entire hedge. Long shoots on the cherry laurel hedge can be cut back all summer.
The basic cut of the hedge is made before the shoot. This also avoids the problem of halved leaves. As long as none are available, you do not have to be too careful with the hedge trimmer. Before budding, you can trim your cherry laurel hedge as accurately as you would like.
As the cherry laurel grows quite fast, a second cut is possible. The ideal time for this is the first half of June, as then eradicate more leaves and the traces of the cut blur. Furthermore, a strong pruning of the cherry laurel hedge is possible. A suitable time for this is April. Up to three quarters of the hedge can be cut back.
Plant a cherry laurel hedge
When a new hedge is planted, the plants are set at a distance of 90 to 110 centimeters. The planting distance depends on the variety of cherry laurel. The plants themselves, with a height of 40 to 60 centimeters, are just right for planting as a hedge. In the first year after planting the hedge should be watered regularly, even in winter on frost-free days.
The cherry laurel is originally found in the Caucasus, in the south of Europe and in the Orient. So he's usually used to warmer temperatures than in our latitudes
Although most varieties are hardy, this does not mean that they can not suffer frost damage. These are not necessarily the problem on the leaves. They are well tolerated by the plant. However, things are different with damage that can result from an unfavorable soil.
So the cherry laurel comes well over the winter
The cherry laurel likes it alkaline or neutral. If the soil is too acidic, regular addition of lime is recommended. In autumn, a mulch layer should be applied as frost protection for the soil.
In order to accelerate lumbering before the winter and to build a natural frost protection of the plant, the use of potash fertilizers in late summer is a good thing. It is important to ensure that you do not over-fertilize with nitrogen. This causes the opposite: He avoids the lumbering. Nevertheless, nitrogen should not be left out. Horn horns are ideal for supplying enough nitrogen.

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