Cultivate chicory: So you can grow in two phases

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Chicory is one of the frugal plants that are easy to care for. Here you will find out what has to be considered in this unusual cultivation in two phases.

Cultivate chicory

First of all, do not build your chicory in long monotonous rows, but choose a varied mixed culture. This has the advantage for all plants involved that species-specific pests and diseases can spread much more slowly. You will have more time to react and save your vegetables. Good companions for chicory are for example beans, fennel and carrots, but also onions and tomatoes fit perfectly.

How to maintain chicory properly

Floor / Location:

Chicory loves the sun and thrives best in a warm, full sun. However, the plants are also coping well with bright half and alternate shade. If you decide to grow seeds in the house, you must choose a bright window seat for the young plants before they are exposed outdoors.

With regard to the soil quality, chicory is not very demanding. The plants like well-loosened, water-permeable and humus soil. Lean sandy soils and highly condensed loam or clay soils can be easily optimized with organic material such as mature compost. It is best to work the compost before spreading the seeds in May or removing the seedlings from the house. So the nutrients have a little time to disperse in the ground and are immediately available to the chicory.

Pour chicory:

Pour your chicory regularly and pay attention, especially in hot summer months, that the soil does not dry out for a long time. However, standing water pools in the bed must be avoided as well, so that it does not lead to rot symptoms at the roots. Additional fertilization of the plants is not necessary.

Driving chicory in the dark:

In the months of September to November, you get your chicory out of the bed, leave the plants for a few days and then remove the leaves. The roots must now be driven in complete darkness. As a substrate, you can use soil from the bed and as containers offer large plastic tubs or buckets.

If you do not have a dark room, you can use two buckets or buckets of the same size: one to put in the roots and one to cover the new sprouting leaves. Do not forget to keep the chicory moist when driving. Reading tip: harvesting and storing chicory - all about timing and procedure.

Video Board: How to grow chicory/endive at home (indoors).

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