Gather and store chicory - all about timing and process

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To grow chicory is child's play. Even with the care, the vegetables are not demanding. However, there are many things to keep in mind when harvesting, in order to actually enjoy tasty chicory.

Picking up and storing chicory - That's how it's done

Chicory, also known as chicory, is a popular and healthy winter vegetable. The whitish-yellow buds of chicory roots taste raw as a salad, fried or stewed.

Of course, the vegetables are best from own rearing. A little effort is needed, but the fact that you harvest chicory in two stages is surprising. How to do this exactly, we explain here.

Successfully harvest chicory - That's how it's done

Step 1: Dig up chicory roots

Harvesting and storing chicory - instructions - dig up root

Chicory does not do much work until harvest in late autumn. They sow by May at the latest, weeds are occasionally watered and weeded. During the summer, the plants get thick roots. Dig all plants from October and leave them on the bed for a few days. This is important for the nutrients to be able to withdraw from the leaves into the roots. Digging should happen before prolonged ground frost starts. Short-term frost does not hurt. Then remove the foliage from the roots.

" Attention: Either turn off the foliage or cut it off with the knife so that two to three centimeters remain. The vegetation point of the root must not be violated. Cut off the lower part and the side shoots as well.

Step 2: Prepare the drip box

Harvest and store chicory - Prepare the drip box

To drive the roots need a large container with opaque walls. Well suited are wooden boxes, Maurer buckets or plastic tubs. Make sure you have a good drain to prevent waterlogging. So drill holes in the ground - a job that is really worthwhile. The substrate is a mixture of sand and sieved garden soil, about 25 centimeters high. You can use the soil from the chicory bed.

The container for the so-called "bleach driving" must stand in a place with constant temperature, ideal are 10 to 16 degrees. Conveniently, a cellar, a garage or an unheated greenhouse. If you do not want to use all the roots at the same time, wrap some in newsprint and store them at one to two degrees. That's how the roots last for up to six months.

"Good storage locations: Outdoor sandboxes and earthen cellar, please be careful with the temperature, so that the roots do not begin to drift prematurely. You have the advantage of being able to chop chicory and harvest fresh throughout the winter.

Step 3: Bring chicory to bustle

Gather chicory and store it - put chicory to death

After all the preparatory work, the time has finally come: Pierce holes in the ground with a planting aid, approximately at a distance of five to ten centimeters. The roots are stuck in the ground, the leaf approach should be just below the surface of the earth. Gently pour everything gently and keep slightly moist.

Over the box stretch now a black foil or a fleece. Chicory does indeed work in the light, but then the leaves become very bitter. The darkness prevents chlorophyll and bitter substances from forming. After about three to a maximum of six weeks, the sprouts are ready for harvest. What you do not eat immediately, you can keep in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for two to three days. Who still has roots, can constantly put the next in the dredge box.

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