Ban or tolerate child noise in the garden?

The Content Of The Article:

Children are allowed to be loud

Children make noise. Clearly! They romp, they play, they are just loud sometimes. Some more, some less. A private garden is of course an Eldorado for children. There you can really let off steam and nobody says anything against the Childrens noise in the garden, Or is it?

There are many neighbors who want to ban children from making noise. These are exactly the same people who believe they can ban a baby from screaming. Both are not possible in Germany! Meaning: If babies are screaming and children are loud then they are allowed to.

Children's noise during rest periods
Even in times of rest you can do nothing against children's noise from the neighboring garden. Unless it's a whole pack of kids. Your own children plus three friends are allowed. If there are more, you can call for rest, then nobody has to accept that.

Keep children calm
Everything else you have to endure well or badly. Nevertheless, because of the good neighborliness, parents should at least keep their children at rest during breaks. A conversation often helps more than admonition or argument.

Video Board: FNN: Congressional Leaders Debate Child Separation, President Trump Rose Garden Announcement.

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