Hibernate chilies and fertilize themselves

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Chilies are cultivated perennial, in contrast to many vegetables such as tomatoes. If you also have chilies on the balcony and terrace, you should bring the plants in the middle of October for the winter in the house. However, you do not have to do without chilies, because the plant has a nice sunny spot at the window, it produces diligently flowers, which can be pollinated with a trick even without bees and other insects.

Chili Blossom

As soon as the white flowers open, dusting with a brush or cotton buds can start

Indoor chilies pollinate themselves

Once your chilli plant is in the house, bees, bumblebees and other animal helpers drop out for pollination and you have to take action yourself if you want to continue to give fresh chillies in the local kitchen. To pollinate the flowers, you just need a fine brush or a cotton swab. Open the white chilli flowers, dab it gently into the middle of the flowers. The pollen necessary for the pollination remain attached to brushes or cotton swabs and are transferred to the other flowers and fertilize them. Shortly after the procedure, the flowers should form small green chilies. They are ready for harvest when they have turned bright red.

In late spring, when the frosty season is safely over and the night temperature is again consistently above 10 degrees, the chilli can be brought back to the balcony and spend the summer outdoors.

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