Increase chimney draft - how to measure correctly?

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Increase chimney draft - how to measure correctly?

Of course, the dream of the fireplace is a nice one. Mostly there is a chimney from the past when heating with the stove.
Since the installation of a fireplace should not bring any significant difficulties, you think at least. But mostly it is different. Often the height of the chimney is no longer sufficient. He was dismantled at many houses. Therefore, it is often necessary to increase the chimney draft again.

When is the chimney draft meaningful?
For example, increasing the chimney draft may help in case the chimney draft is too weak. A chimney draft that is too weak can be recognized by the fact that the smoke is not drawn through the chimney, but remains in the oven or even spreads out in the room. That can be life threatening. In general, an incorrect chimney draft is associated with disturbances that more or less affect health, burning behavior or heat generation.
How high must the chimney draft be?
However, before raising the chimney draft, it is necessary to correctly size the required height. A relevant contact person is
chimney sweep. This must perform a completion after completion, it can therefore already ask him for advice. He will make an exact calculation of the required height of the flue draft. The independent calculation of the chimney draft is a bit difficult. To provide a good orientation
the information of the manufacturer. They generally dictate how high the chimney draft must be.
However, if problems only arise after the installation of the chimney, the increase of the existing chimney draft is inevitable. Also in this case must
the chimney sweep make a calculation of the chimney draft. There are many factors in the right dimensions. In addition, from fireplace to fireplace a different chimney draft is given. It depends not only on how high
the chimney is.
At the same time you have to know which diameter is available or necessary. Furthermore, the location of the object is crucial. After that also depends on whether further installations such as a draft regulator are required. It can usually be assumed that the chimney draft must have a height of at least four meters, in places there are even five meters.

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