Chinabeere - Tips for growing

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The Chinabeere is a pretty climbing plant that produces a very healthy fruit. Read here how to grow the China Berry.

The China berry is very healthy

The China berry is very healthy

The Chinese honey has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). And as more and more people worldwide became aware of their positive effects on coughs and asthma, as well as within the digestive tract, the individual varieties were optimized in terms of breeding and are now also well established in our latitudes. However, to achieve a fruitful harvest of Chinese berries, consider the following care tips.

Chinabeere - Tips for growing

Tip 1:
Winter hardy Chinese berries should be planted in a partially shaded place, as they tolerate neither extreme heat nor extreme drought. On warm days, therefore, it must be watered several times.

Tip 2:
The slightly acidic, once annually enriched with humus soil should loosen up regularly around the robust plant stock.

Tip 3:
Fertilizing the actually easy-care plant is recommended only once in the spring. Here then a fruit fertilizer or berry fertilizer should be used.

Tip 4:
Optimally, the China berries tend to line up with bars or trellis structures. You must make sure that you attach the individual shoots as loosely as possible to the trellises. If necessary, you can cut back these shoots after harvesting and in the spring a little bit. In this way, China berries easily branch up to 8 meters high and at will in width.

Tip 5:
It is recommended to plant at least two Chinese fruits side by side, as they do not self-fertilize. Where in the first two years with only little crop success is to be expected, which usually sets only in the third planting year completely. However, the Chinese fruits already bloom in the first year. Their flowers exude a truly beguiling scent in the immediate vicinity.

Tip 6:
Chinese berries are harvested as redcurrants, which they also look like. They achieve their fruit maturity between September and October. Then you can process the China berries among other things to jam or juice. Also, the fire-red berry is suitable as a decoration on fruit pies and in salads. Especially since their fruit aroma from sweet to sour or salty to hot can be rated.

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