Plant chives between flowers

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Chive flower bed planting tips

When it comes to chives, everyone thinks of the kitchen first, because you can spice up food with chives. But you can also eat it raw, in salads or sprinkle on bread and you can plant chives between flowers.

Chives as gap fillers
Chives tastes just damn delicious. But chives are not only popular as a plant in the herb garden, but also perfectly suited as undemanding gap fillers.

Flowers also edible
And chives also bring great flowers. White, purple or even pink, bushy or delicate flower - it just looks great! And in between you can eat it. Incidentally, the flowers, which also taste intense leeks.

Wild garlic as a supplement to chives
Alternatives to chives - or better, great additions, are the wild garlic, which you can pluck again and again, but already blooms in the spring, or the chives. He gets even in the hottest summer again and again fresh leaves. Try something new and plant chives among the flowers - you'll love it!

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