Planting chives in the pot - 8 care tips

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To harvest fresh herbs in winter, you can chives plant in a pot, Here, however, you have to pay attention to a few care tips, so that the chives can also thrive well.

Tip 1:

Plant chives in the pot

First, you must not make the mistake of putting too many seeds in one pot. Then the plants suffocate. Few seeds are enough, because chives need a lot of space and also air.

Tip 2:
Always plant chives separately and do not mix with other herbs.

Tip 3:
Keep the soil moist and do not leave the pot directly in the sun.

Tip 4:
At Earth, you can use universal soil.

Tip 5:
The pot needs holes on the ground to prevent waterlogging.

Tip 6:
The chives must be watered regularly to pour the plant from below.

Tip 7:
For pouring stale water can be taken.

Tip 8:
Fertilize chives once a month. Here, liquid fertilizer is suitable.

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