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Kitsch or art? Every year, the question arises of the right amount and type of Christmas lighting in the house and garden. Many things are allowed, but not recommended.

Christmas lights: lights

Shedding light on the whole house has to be well planned and strategically implemented

As the days get darker and the nights longer, many people yearn for more artificial light in their own home. And at the latest, when the first Christmas markets open their doors, it's time to unpack the Christmas lights for apartment, balcony, terrace and front yard. More and more frequently, in addition to the long-established garden gnomes, there are now life-size plastic sculptures, luminous Santas and entire reindeer teams. But what the one feels as Christmassy and moody drives the anger into the other's face. The following information can help you to choose the right lighting for your home.


Pretty or pretty scary? With snowman army and plastic crib divide the spirits

Nevertheless, there are only a few strict legal requirements for private Christmas decorations. Rather, it is based on the general consideration among each other. Cities and towns often set their own rules and regulations for Christmas lights. Here it is worthwhile to study the local guidelines. In order to save a peaceful coexistence over the Christmas season, it is advisable to discuss with the neighbors larger lighting plans or decoration that affects shared space, such as front door, staircase or facade. Danger: The community electricity in the staircase and basement must not normally be tapped for private decoration purposes. Here threatens anger with neighbors and landlords. Also escape routes and fire doors may not be delivered.

Dazzling relationships


The reindeer family is also a classic in our gardens

Generally speaking, private space, such as the front door, the balcony or the garden, may be decorated, as long as the decoration does not exaggerate and mutates into "littering". It becomes problematic when the sea of ​​lights shines on the balcony or terrace the whole night in the apartment next door, because the neighbor has both a right to peace of their own as well as undisturbed sleep. Not only the amount of lights is important, but also the overall brightness. Particularly flamboyant are flashing light tubes or Dekofiguren with musical accompaniment. A timer not only saves a lot of power, but also protects the nerves of the residents from 22 clock.


Cheap LED lights make Christmas lights look a bit bland

For Christmas decoration, this light is only partially suitable. Although there are bright white reindeer and Santa Claus cheap to buy in any hardware store, but "atmospheric" can be in the ghostly lighting but no question. Warm white and yellow light is best compatible with the wintry darkness. Colorful Christmas decoration is a fundamental matter of taste and can quickly backfire. Really interesting is colorful Christmas lights only when it is applied lavishly. But it costs money and time and requires good knowledge of lighting design.

Incandescent or LED?

No question - LEDs are on the rise throughout Germany. The higher energy efficiency and the significantly lower power consumption, especially in the outdoor area, speak in favor of fairy lights with modern equipment.

Light bulb LED

left: only incandescent sparkle right: LEDs appear only as single points of light

Nevertheless, LEDs have a major disadvantage compared to the classic incandescent lamp - especially in the case of indoor Christmas lighting - they do not break the light. In contrast to the real flame and the incandescent lamp, LEDs and energy saving lamps do not produce a spectrum. But it is precisely this refraction of light that makes lamps and Christmas baubles glitter and sparkle in the dark. Also, LEDs emit light only at a certain angle and not all around. So if you want your Christmas tree (or chandelier) to shine, you can not avoid the old-fashioned lightbulb chains.

Knew how

For exterior lighting, be sure to use the IP44 GS rating, which certifies that the cabling is weatherproof in snow and rain, and use waterproof outer sockets. Secure your decorations against falling over in gusts of wind, so that the reindeer sled on the garage roof does not suddenly become self-sufficient, or Santa Claus and his rope ladder land on the car roof of the neighbor.


Even if it is difficult: clear the fairy lights in the spring again neatly in the box, otherwise follows the nasty surprise next winter

Open fire by candles or fire bowls is not allowed in staircases of rental housing because of the fire hazard. Also, it should have been cases in which burglars could gain access to the apartment via the ladder of the house wall-kraxelnden decorative Santa Claus. Tip: Attach fairy lights to shrubs and trees as long as the branches are not frozen, otherwise they will break easily and injure the plant. When using real candles or bulbs that emit heat, remember that wreaths, Christmas tree, and fir branches in the warm dwelling become more and more dehydrated over the Christmas period and then easily ignite.

How much is too much?

Tree lights

Correctly fitted lighting is usually more aesthetic than many jumbled items

In general, less is more with Christmas lights. So you can prove the Green Thumb also in the stream. A single illuminated fir in the garden or two decorated windows are more atmospheric than a collection of various types of light and ready-made deco components. And even if Santa Claus and reindeer are on the rise worldwide, the local Christmas traditions such as fir branches and candle arch have not lost their charm. In rare exceptional cases, more is more. But then right! Who wants to transform his house into a sea of ​​lights, should plan the course of the fairy lights in a timely manner, secure everything, soothe the neighbors with pastry and punch and keep an eye on the electricity meter.
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