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Today, they no longer have to be classically red: Christmas stars (Euphorbia pulcherrima) can now be bought in a variety of shapes and unusual colors. Whether white, pink or even multicolored - the breeders have really worked hard and leave nothing to be desired. We introduce you to some of the most beautiful poinsettias.

Delicate colors: Princettia 'Soft Pink' and Princettia 'Max White'

Princettia 'Soft Pink'

Princettia 'Max White'

'Soft Pink' (left) and 'Max White' (right)

Poinsettias from the Princettia series will bring you a lot of joy, since they are already in bloom from September and you can enjoy the flowers with good care until January. Although the flowers are slightly smaller in comparison to the traditional red poinsettias, the Princettia series is characterized by a compact growth and offers - from rich pink over soft pink to bright white - a wide range of colors.

Exceptional: 'Autumn Leaves' and 'Winter Rose Early Marble'

Poinsettia 'Autumn Leaves'

'Winter Rose Early Marble'

'Autumn Leaves' (left) and 'Winter Rose Early Marble' (right)

With 'Autumn Leaves' by D├╝mmen Orange you get a very special "autumn star". It already flowers in September and is characterized by golden yellow bracts (bracts). The idea behind it, as the name implies, was to create a poinsettia strain that not only blooms in the fall, but also matches the color of the season - and at the same time to modern Christmas decoration in metallic tones. So if you prefer Christmas ornaments in copper, bronze or brown, will find in this Christmas star the perfect complement.
'Marble', on the other hand, is characterized by a two-color gradient from pink to white. The variety 'Winter Rose Early Marble' is a special eye-catcher and captivates with curly, very dense bracts.

Colorful eye-catchers: 'Jingle Bells Rock' and 'Ice Punch'

Poinsettia 'Jingle Bells Rock'

Poinsettia 'Ice Punch'

'Jingle Bells Rock' (left) and 'Ice Punch' (right)

The variety 'Jingle Bells Rocks' delights with an extraordinary coloring of its bracts, which are strikingly red-and-white striped - the perfect color combination for the Christmas season! It grows medium and is very densely branched.
The bracts of Poinsettia 'Ice Punch' are arranged in a star shape. The color runs from a strong red from outside to inside to a bright pink to white. This color makes the leaves look as if they were covered with hoarfrost.
Tip: Like the classic red poinsettia, the varieties in more unusual colors prefer a bright location without direct sunlight and temperatures between 17┬░ and 21┬░ C. Also, the care does not differ from that of their red relative.

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