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Cut Christmas stars? Why? They are seasonal plants that - as soon as they lose their colorful bracts - are usually disposed of as a disposable bottle. But did you know that poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are inherently meter-high shrubs with woody stems that can beautify our home for many years with proper care? A further culture is well worth it, the result are from year to year ever larger splendor copies.

Practical tips for cutting poinsettias

Unvertured shoots are quite soft and are easily crushed. For cutting, use sharp scissors and gloves if possible, since all interfaces - as is the case with other milkweed plants - drip a milky, skin-irritating juice. Immediately after cutting, hold a flame to the wound for a short time, which stops the milk.

wild growing poinsettia

In its tropical homeland the poinsettia grows up to a shrub or tree up to six meters high

Pruning as a regular beauty cure

Dried shoots are nothing unusual, because poinsettias are in terms of water very nice sensibelchen: Once overlooked excess irrigation water in the planter, already wilt the shoots. On the other hand, ball dryness leads to the same result. Wet bales can often be rescued wrapped in paper towels and dry bales are dipped under water until no more bubbles appear. After that, some shoots still do not recover, should they be cut back. Otherwise, generally cut off all shoots that are damaged or kinked, cross each other or just dance out of line.

Cut Christmas star

Dried shoots and leaves can easily be cut off

Cutting poinsettias to keep them in shape

Whether through one-sided exposure, broken shoots or after a pest attack: You should cut back from the form grown poinsettias. Especially in dark locations, poinsettias grow quickly out of shape and get so-called Geiltriebe - long, thin and soft shoots that break easily and are a well-known for pests or fungi - away with it, cut off the shoots without hesitation. Afterwards the plant needs a new location, otherwise nothing has been gained. He should be bright, warm and not too wet.
If you are dissatisfied with the overall appearance of the plant, you can heartily cut back the whole plant, even into the wood. The new sprouting a few weeks later then bushy. Who pulls poinsettias perennial, cuts them back after flowering and cuts all shoots by half. But only in March, the sunlight is already intense and the shoots have it easier. After the pruning is still repotted, from the end of May spend the Christmas stars in a bright place without bright sunlight in the garden.

That too is possible: cutting Christmas stars as vase flowers

Cutting Christmas stars as vase flowers

Even as cut flowers in the vase make poinsettia a good figure

Everyone knows poinsettias in the pot, but the plants are also perfect vase flowers or ingredients for arrangements with plug-in sponges, where they are ideally arranged with natural materials. In question are solid, green and unpolluted shoots.

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