Christmas trends 2017: This is how our community decorates the festival

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O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how green are your leaves - it's December again, and the first Christmas trees are already decorating the living rooms. While some have eagerly decorated and can hardly wait for the festival, others are still a bit hesitant where to buy their this year's Christmas tree and how it should look like at all.

Facts and figures about the Christmas tree

Christmas tree plantation

Christmas tree plantations have a positive CO-2 balance and look nice too

Bernd Oelkers, chairman of the Federal Association of Christmas tree and SchnittgrĂĽnerzeuger, knows about the latest news of the season. He is sure that the Christmas tree will be an elementary part of Christmas for more than 80 percent of all families this year. In no other country in the world has the evergreen tree as important importance as in Germany. This is also shown by the sales figures, which are around 25 million per year.
In recent years, sustainability has become an increasingly important topic in the industry. The imports of Christmas trees have dropped significantly, while regional and certified companies are catching up. The regional origin stands for freshness, quality and sustainable cultivation.

According to research of the NRW Chamber of Agriculture, the fir is not only used at Christmas time. On the one hand, the cultivated areas are a visually appealing landscape element, on the other hand they have a high ecological benefit with a positive CO-2 balance. But also as a habitat for rare birds such as the lapwing, the acreage can serve.
Large Christmas trees with lush decor are especially popular in the USA, in this country you will find smaller trees between 1.50 and 1.75 meters. Recently, a tree per household often no longer enough, more and more families create a "second tree" for the terrace or the nursery. But whether small or large, slim or dense grown, the Nordmann fir remains with a good 75 percent market share continues to be the absolute favorite of the Germans.

Simple, fast and punctual - order Christmas tree online

Buy Christmas tree

There are different ways to buy a Christmas tree. Relatively new is the order in online shops. Choose the desired size and the delivery date and look forward to your handpicked fir from the web

Where you buy your fir tree is very different. Some like to go to the stand of a Christmas tree dealer, others look for their fir directly on the farm of the producer. In times of the digital world it is increasingly popular to order the tree comfortably online. For who does not know: A ellenlange list with errands, too little time and still no Christmas tree. Instead of sinking in pre-Christmas stress, the Christmas tree is easily brought from the web to the living room. Here you can simply select the desired size online and have the tree delivered on time to the desired date. Of course, some fear that the quality could suffer from the shipping, but the Christmas trees are beaten and packed safely just before shipment. Our conclusion: With a Christmas tree ordered online you can save a lot of stress.

This year's Dekotrends - and what our community means

For many, Christmas is the same every year - then at least the decoration can look a bit different. Christmas 2017 will be a celebration of delicate colors. Whether rosé, warm hazelnut tones, fine brass or snow white - pastel shades create a Scandinavian flair and are at the same time very elegant. If you want to stay a little more traditional, silver or golden balls hang on the tree. But also gentle shades of gray may occur and a dark, deep night blue creates a very special atmosphere.

decorating Christmastree

The Christmas tree decoration was formerly mainly made of edible and was made by the whole family every year

Our community thinks that you do not have to be so experimental at Christmas. Frank R. describes it quite simply with the words: "I follow no trend, I preserve tradition." Therefore, the color red is still very popular with most people. Slightly different are the combinations with the bold color. Marie A. hangs silver cookie cutters with her red balls, Nici Z appreciated her red-green color combination for a long time, but has now decided to wear shabby chic for white and silver. If you do not want to buy completely new Christmas decorations every year and still want some variety, you can do it like Charlotte B. She decorates her tree in the colors white and gold, and sets this year color accents with balls in pink.
Even if today mainly industrially manufactured Christmas tree ornaments are in vogue, some of them are based on well-known decorative elements such as apples or nuts. In the past, the tree hangings consisted almost exclusively of edibles such as sweet baked goods, which is why the Christmas tree was originally called the "sugar tree". For Jutta V. tradition means - in addition to ancient decorative elements - also homemade Christmas decorations. When there was no commercially crafted Christmas decorations, it was common for the whole family to make this year's Christmas decorations together.
As far as the lighting of the tree is concerned, a lot has changed since the end of the 19th century. While the candles were often attached directly to the branches with hot wax, it is rare today to see real candles burning on the Christmas tree. Nevertheless, Claudie A. and Rosa N. could not make friends with fairy lights for their tree. They continue to use real candles, preferably beeswax - as they used to.


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