The Christmas wish list of our Facebook community

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At Christmas you may wish something - for example, a new robotic lawnmower, garden furniture or a special container plant. The members of our Facebook community also have a Christmas wish list. As part of a small survey we wanted to find out what should be on the gift table for our users this year. Here is the result.

Wish list of our Facebook community

  • Of course, a wish can not just include material things. A large part of our Facebook community like Emmy S., Christiana S., Eugenia M. and more, especially wish for health for family, friends and yourself.
  • Hilke H. would like to have a game fence, but this can only be implemented in 2018.

  • Ulrike H. wants a finished terrace with decking and roof as well as a natural stone wall on the hill of her front property boundary.

  • Matthias K. dreams of a playhouse for his girls.

  • Ute P. wants a barbecue corner with a sitting in a semicircle around the grill seating.

  • On Carmen A.'s wish list are a robotic lawnmower or a small garden tractor.

Gifts with Christmas decoration

A beautifully wrapped gift spreads double joy

  • Martina B. would be happy about a new scissors.

  • Sabine D. wants a shredder.

  • Reinhard W. would like a small narrow path that leads from his terrace to his carport.

  • Susanne L. would like to have a Moroccan fountain. However, she will probably build one herself because of the high cost.

  • Mi R. wishes for a patio roof as well as a brick barbecue corner with a stone barbecue.

  • Theresia H. is dreaming of a Japanese lantern for her Japan corner in the garden.


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