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Chrysanthemums are both for the flower pot and for the flowerbed. Depending on how you want to plant chrysanthemums, you should pay attention to our tips.

Chrysanthemums are a great autumn bloomer

Every year, from late summer to autumn, the chrysanthemum, originally from Asia, delights us with its incredibly diverse colors. From yellow to red and orange (autumn colors) as well as white to pink and violet everything is here. Autumn decorations can be spiced up so well because of the many shades of color.

The chrysanthemum does not have to find a permanent place in the garden. You can also plant this flower in pots. We would like to introduce you to both possibilities here.

Plant chrysanthemums in flowerpot

Chrysanthemums are best suited for a pot planting and are therefore often offered in the garden shop market in this form. So the plant can find its place on balconies, terraces, in front door areas and front gardens in a sunny to moderately partially shaded location. Chrysanthemums are flowers for particularly sunny beds or locations.

For all these purposes, the plants are offered in different heights from August in many shops and garden stores extremely cost-effective and can then develop their flowers into October, sometimes even into November in the outdoor pot.

Chrysanthemums spice up every fall decoration

The plants should not be put directly into the garden. Ideally, you should always repot the plants in nutrient-rich potting soil before.

" Tip:

On frosty nights, cover the chrysanthemum pots with a garden fleece to protect them from direct frost damage!

Wintering of potted plants:

The chrysanthemums in the pot should be kept in winter storage in a cool, but frost-free and light-flooded room. But you have to cut back the plants well. From April, you can set the chrysanthemums back out in the field, where they immediately produce fresh shoots again.

Plant chrysanthemums in the garden

Chrysanthemums can easily be planted directly in the field. Especially for the grave planting or grave design in winter chrysanthemums are very suitable. All you have to do here is make sure that you plant the plants in a sunny, sheltered location, as this promotes their growth and flowering sustainably.

In addition, it is important that you do not plant the chrysanthemums too closely, as this may cause chrysanthemums to attack the chrysanthemums. This is noticeable by greenish-white or yellow spots on the upper side of the leaf.

Wintering of chrysanthemums:

After flowering, you should cut back the chrysanthemums well and cover them with brushwood, leaves or a garden fleece. So the flowers can then easily overwinter in the field. In the spring, the garden chrysanthemums usually go out fresh again.

Maintain chrysanthemums - That's how it's done

No matter which plant variant you have chosen, the chrysanthemums must of course be properly maintained. The most important care instructions listed here.

Water chrysanthemums:

Chrysanthemums need to be kept moist but not wet. So put a finger into the potting soil regularly to check if the soil is wet enough.

Fertilize chrysanthemums:

During their growth in the spring, you should provide the chrysanthemums with fertilizer every three to four weeks, if possible. In addition, in the spring around the perennials you can also incorporate fresh compost into the soil.

In the spring, the chrysanthemums need plenty of fertilizer

Chrysanthemums multiply:

By dividing, you can easily multiply the chrysanthemums. As a result, they will grow much better or become much larger. Cut back the flowers moderately in early summer, then they grow much more compact (bushy).

" Tip:

The chrysanthemum is ideal as a cut flower and lingers for a long time in vases. You should not put the chrysanthemums too warm, because only this way cut flowers stay fresh longer.

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