Chrysanthemum Collection 2016

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The colorful and particularly durable chrysanthemums from the MEIN assortment are available in the usual three versions: for self-makers in a small pot as an individual plant, for decorators in a large plant pot as an exquisite mixture or for connoisseurs as a finished plant decoration. The cheerful flowers bring color to the garden in the fall, on the balcony and terrace, the windowsill and even the dining table, because the chrysanthemum collection is equally suitable for indoors and outdoors!

For do-it-yourselfers

Swifty Classic

'Swifty Romantic' in orange, magenta and yellow

All chrysanthemum colors can be combined appropriately, or harmoniously designed as a single-colored planting. Just pick your favorite colors in the 10.5 or 13 pots and combine the plants to your own taste. How to find the right shape and number of plants for your window boxes, pots and beds.

For decorators

Swifty Classic

'Swifty Classic' for decorators in magenta, pink and yellow

Decorators attach great importance to a good interaction of the combined plants in color, size and growth. In the 19-centimeter large plant pots "for decorators" are already three pre-arranged plants. The collection 'Swifty' contains three chrysanthemums each, the multi-year collection 'Mystic Mums' each a chrysanthemum, sage and purple bells (Heuchera).

For connoisseurs

Swifty Baroque

'Swifty Baroque' for connoisseurs in magenta, white and pink

For gardeners who like to be pampered, there are all plant mixtures of the MY Chrysanthemum collection, of course, in large 40-centimeter flower boxes with nine plants each and in 27-centimeter-Dekotöpfen with three plants under the motto "for connoisseurs". These boxes or pots are already planted ready and ready to be set up.
Sales period: End of August to end of September 2016

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