Citrus fruits against hyperacidity

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If you often, despite adequate recovery periods and enough sleep tired and unbalanced you should feel your eating habits take a closer look.
foods Act mainly in two ways: either basic or acidic, Only very few foods are neutral in the body. Who much fruit and vegetables eats, usually has no problem, sour-acting foods like Meat, fish, cheese, eggs or White flour products to neutralize.
Outweigh the acid-forming products, We too are literally angry - and that goes to the substance.


smiling woman with orange juice

Citrus fruits counteract the overacidification of the body

at chronic hyperacidity increases the risk of loss of bone mass (osteoporosis), also harden cartilage and connective tissue. An increased acid load can also cause increased muscle loss also for Kidney stones be.
Nevertheless, you do not have to give up the Sunday roast and the breakfast sandwiches. The only thing that is allowed is what makes you feel good healthy balance. But do not be fooled: What tastes sour does not have to be acidic. Lemon and orange juice and Apple Cider Vinegar even counteract the hyperacidity.
The most effective opponents sour foods green vegetables like lamb's lettuce, fennel, kale and arugula. Leader on the base side is spinach. In its effect on acid balance it is only dried Figs and raisins exceeded. Both herbs Parsley and basil ensure a balance to everything that makes us angry.


Arugula salad on plate

Arugula and other green vegetables are good antagonists

Better than counter-steering is to avoid extremes when eating and to enjoy the worst acidifiers only in moderation. If you have any problems, you should completely abstain from these foods. Practical help gives a detailed Acid-base
Food table.

Even easier: Eat a large portion with every meat dish salad and swap the sweet pudding for fresh with the dessert Fruit. And once you hit the strings, you take care of them combination preparation (from the pharmacy) with basic minerals like Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium that you will not get mad right away.

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