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If one considers that the nutrient supply, especially with pot and potted plants, leaves more and more to be desired over time, action is indeed needed. So it is absolutely indispensable in this regard, to provide the citrus plants with an adequate fertilizer. Modern products play their part in ensuring a complete all-round supply of plants.
Especially in the growth phase
Especially in the growing season of pineapple plants, orange trees, citrus trees and so on an additional nutrient supply is essential. So it is in the period from April to May or from the end of July to early September (depending on the plant) of fundamental relevance to use citrus fertilizer. In addition to oxygen and sufficient sun, the ideal basis for a long plant life can be created.
The application - always as needed
It is usually recommended to provide the plants with a citrus fertilizer about once a week. Depending on the product, a certain amount of the fertilizer is added to the irrigation water and the plants are then poured (not from above, but exclusively onto the ground so as not to pollute the plant). Of course, the dose of the fertilizer can also be increased if necessary. For example, when the citrus plants leave their leaves hanging and, finally, turn yellow or brown. In that case, nutrient deficiency is usually the cause. Before the citrus plants are poured or fertilized, it is advisable to examine the moisture content of the soil. A "too much of the good" can do more harm than good. Experienced hobby gardeners usually recommend to water the plants on average once a week. If the upper layer of the soil is still wet enough, you should definitely "put out" with the casting.
It is worth noting that not only excessive watering can have devastating consequences for the plants, but also too much lemon fertilizer.

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