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In the middle of the city, behind a multi-storey house, lies this small garden. A carport, a hedge, a screen of the neighbors and the higher terrace limit the colorful flower meadow. The existing Amberbaum should be included in the design. The residents want seats, beds and a small garden.

Suggestion 1: Merry-colorful flower parade

Bright colors determine the design of the first draft. Not only the flowers of the selected shrubs and perennials, but also the garden furniture fit into the color concept. Center of the garden is a seat, which arises directly at the existing Amberbaum. There is room for a table and chairs on a small split area. Surrounded is this seat of a meadow flower island with access path. The area around this piece of meadow is newly created as a lawn and kept short by regular mowing.

Stadtgarten Seating on Amberbaum

The center of this design idea is the seat directly under the sweetgum tree

Two more sitting areas can be reached via the lawn: right behind the carport is a comfortable lounge chair with colorful cushions, and on the left side of the property a bench invites you to relax. Above her pink clematis climb two rank arches. The arches are crossed and thus look like a small pavilion. Curved beds with a border of brick bands complete the corners of the almost square plot. In addition to the pavilion, in the sunniest corner of the north-facing garden, there is room for a useful garden: some berry bushes and an herb bed provide fresh food for the whole family. Foot plates facilitate the harvest. The remaining areas of the beds are planted with shrubs and shrubs in yellow, pink and orange and bloom without interruption from spring to fall.

Garden bench with rose arch

Two rosebows turn into a pavilion when they cross each other. The orange bench contrasts with the pink of the Clematis 'Duchess of Albany'

It starts with the ornamental quinces, which open their fire-red flowers in March. This will develop golden yellow edible fruits until autumn. Fresh yellow will come in April when the forsythia 'mini-gold' starts to bloom. They are only about 1.5 meters high and are well suited for small gardens. From May, the filled blossoms of the Ranunkelstrauch glow in light orange. At the same time the Bleeding Heart controls pink and the meadow daylily yellow flowers. From June comes the strong purple of the high-end ponies. Yellow and orange poppies 'Aurantiaca' also bloom from June onwards, which sow and emerge every year in new places. Throughout the summer, the pink flower stars of the Clematis 'Duchess of Albany' shine on the pavilion. In the bed, from August, the pink autumn anemone 'Margarete' heralds the flower finale, which lasts into October.

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