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The urban courtyard garden is slightly sloping and heavily shaded by the surrounding buildings and trees. The owners want a drywall that divides the garden, as well as a large seating area that can be used for barbecues with friends - like the Asia-style. Alternatively, we design the seat as a friendly open-air room.

Suggestion 1: Shady courtyard with Asian flair

Far Eastern elements with white and red accents in leaves and blossoms draw through the design of the first draft.

Asian courtyard

Idea 1: A courtyard with an Asian flair

A natural stone wall captures the slight difference in height of the property and divides the elongated, towel-sized garden in two levels. The approximately 60-centimeter-high wall is also suitable as a seat on the right side. From the terrace at the house you look directly at the small gravel area with the Asia water bowl. The gravel area is loosened up with red bloodgrass 'Red Baron' and occasional big stones. In addition, a low bamboo was planted as a green border. The existing shrubs to the left are preserved and are complemented by a ball-trumpet tree 'Nana', which gives the garden height with its round crown. At its feet thrives evergreen, upholstery-growing bearskin fescue 'Pic Carlit'. Next to it, a new paved path is created, which leads over three steps in the wall bordered steps in the rear area.
The dark red slit maple 'Dissectum Garnet' in the upper bed immediately catches the eye with its purple foliage. The attractive wood is also underplanted with bearskin furs. Also white-border funkies 'Liberty', three-bladed pigeons and dwarf goat beard feel comfortable in the shade garden.

White flowers light up

Trumpet tree with silver candles

In the autumn, the dark September silver candle 'Chocohlic' lightens the area under the trumpet tree

The new wooden terrace in the back area with bamboo furniture and the white covered umbrella invites you to linger with friends on balmy summer nights. The climbing wine on the rear wall is preserved, on the left wall it is removed and instead a wooden paneling of horizontal slats attached. The well over two meters high silver candle shrub 'Pink Spire', also called Scheineller, presents white upright flower clusters from July to September, which smell pleasantly aromatic. He feels comfortable in the shade and at the same time serves as a screen for the seat.

Suggestion 2: Friendly open-air room

To give the rather dark-looking garden more light, the new, elevated seat got a light sandstone coating. On it are light-looking furniture with slender metal feet. It gets cozy through the walls.

Outdoor room in the courtyard

Idea 2: A friendly open-air room

The yellow Oriental Clematis hides the rain pipe with the help of a suitable trellis. To the left, the Clematis 'Etoile Violette' conquers a trellis and climbing hydrangeas grow up on the left side. At the back right a white-colored dogwood provides a cozy atmosphere. Due to its variegated leaves he does not obscure the garden corner despite its height. If he loses the foliage, you can see his decorative red shoots. The adjoining bed and the planting strip in front are decorated in white, yellow and purple. The bright flowers of iris, peony, wax bell and silver candle underline the friendly radiance of the garden, while the flowers of the star thumbstones and the dark leaves of the purple bell set exciting accents.

Connect foot plates

Trellis with strawberries

On the trellis over the forest strawberries entwines the climbing hydrangea 'Silver Lining'

By covering the planting strip with light chippings, it fits in particularly well in the open-air room. The same applies to the strip of dwarf bamboo in front of the wall. A rhizome barrier prevents the plant from migrating into the lawn. So that everything fits together, the existing terrace gets the same surface as the new seat. The two areas are connected by large step plates made of sandstone. They reflect a lot of light and at the same time convey a feeling of space.

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