Making loamy soil more permeable: improve loam soil for turf

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Meadow - lawn - grass

If the lawn sowing is to take place only in the following year and the area to be planted still has a "bare" winter in front of him, the frost can be a useful helper in the meantime. You can easily set the time and the minus degrees for you, provided the weather plays along.

1. Dig the future lawn with a spade. Water can penetrate the earth better.

2. The invading water freezes, expands and breaks up the clods. The result is a feinkr├╝melige earth texture.

3. Apply a thin layer of sand in the spring.

4. Then sow the seeds.

Deep loosening and drainage

If the turf grows on a hard-packed loamy soil, then neither sand nor compost can bring about the desired success. In this case, a deep loosening by a professional. This usually requires special machinery. In addition, a built-in drainage drain can provide constant drainage.
  • special drainage pipes are laid underground
  • in a bed of sand and gravel
The gravel bed acts like a tub in which the water accumulates. This backwater is discharged through the pipes.

Prevent compaction

When a lawn growing on loamy soil becomes heavily used, compaction is inevitable over time. This can be counteracted a bit, if one protects the wet lawn and if possible does not enter. Because then the danger of compression is greatest.

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