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So that the light and heat conditions in your greenhouse remain permanently good and no diseases and pests creep in, a thorough cleaning should be carried out at least once a year. Good dates are either the fall, after harvest of the crops, or the early spring, before the first plants move back into the greenhouse. With our tips you can make your greenhouse fit for the upcoming season!

Internal cleaning of the greenhouse

The increased humidity and heat inside a greenhouse does not just work for plants like a growth accelerator, but also for germs and molds. So that the greenhouse itself, but also the sensitive seedlings and young plants are not affected, a proper basic cleaning of the interiors is a must every year. To do this, remove the expired annual crops, such as tomatoes from the greenhouse. Perennial plants are stored in a protected place until the cleaning is complete. Take the opportunity to clean your plants and check for damage and signs of disease or pests. At best, separate infected plants and return them to the greenhouse only when they are well again. This reduces the risk of propagation.

Clear out the greenhouse

Before the actual cleaning of the greenhouse, the disused one-year crops as well as dead and dead plant parts must be disposed of

After pots, tools and electrical appliances such as frost guard and Co. have moved out of the plant in addition to the plants, it can finally start. Ecological window cleaners (no chemistry in the greenhouse!), Gloves, a sponge, brush, disc puller and a cloth are the means of choice to tackle the dirt inside. Start with the brush to clean the struts between the windows and then take care of the windows themselves. To avoid streaks. It is best to start at the top and work your way down. In larger greenhouses you need a telescopic rod or ladder. If mold is more prevalent you should also wear a surgical mask.
In addition to the actual cleaning, you should not leave out the care of the greenhouse. Rubber insulation on windows can become brittle due to the weather. You benefit from care products such as glycerine or silicone. The hinges of windows and doors become movable again with a few drops of oil. If you notice any defects such as holes in the outer shell during cleaning and maintenance, they should be repaired immediately. Foil greenhouses can be easily repaired with special, transparent adhesive tape for greenhouse films. Important: Thoroughly clean the damaged area from outside and inside and place a piece of adhesive tape on both sides. Repairing cracked glass is more difficult - it is best to cut a piece of glass from the glazier and swap the entire pane. Polycarbonate sheets and multi-wall sheets can also be cut by yourself with a little manual skill and a suitable saw blade for the jigsaw or circular saw. With thinner web plates, a good cutter usually suffices.

Clean the greenhouse

When cleaning greenhouse roofs, a telescopic pole is a great help

Exterior cleaning of the greenhouse

Here you either go inside or you reach for the pressure washer. If you are not sure whether individual components of your greenhouse can withstand the pressure, we recommend cleaning by hand. For the roof section is recommended again a telescopic rod. Again, use only organic detergents to prevent pollutants from entering the floor.
If you own a greenhouse made of wooden profiles, it pays to increase their life with care products. Wood oil, glazes and the like protect the wood from weather damage and rot.

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