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If gazebos, fences and pergolas are overgrown with violet flowering plants, it can be a Clematis 'Etoile Violette' Violet Star. The fast-growing clematis adorns the summer with countless five to eight centimeters large flowers and is very easy to maintain.
With the clematis Clematis 'Etoile Violette' Violet star, the garden gets a Mediterranean look. The climber planted with trellis in no time house walls, retaining walls and parapets. It grows up on fences and decorated with a climbing aid Staudenbeete. The large decorative flowers are dainty dark green leaves opposite. In a sunny spot, the clematis unfolds its full splendor. The purple flowers with yellow stamens are often visited by numerous nectar-seeking insects.
The Clematis Violet Star loves a sunny to half shady site. The extreme warmth on the south walls, however, is not tolerated by the climbing artist. In addition, the foot of the perennial should be shaded. Suitable for this are ground cover plants and lower plants. In order for the clematis to thrive, it needs a climbing aid. This can be a scaffold made of wooden sticks, a rope construction, wires or a fence. The trellis should be around two meters wide and three meters high. Until the first crossbars are reached, small Bindedrähtchen help to attach the shoots. Later, no help is required. The clematis creeps upwards by means of its petioles. Their velvety purple petals with thin crimson stripes in the middle of the leaves are the most decorative when the shoots are led fan-shaped over the climbing aid. A flower has six petals.
Tip: The diameter of the trellises should not be thicker than three centimeters, so that the Clematis can hold tight.
This clematis is:

  • a bee plant
  • a butterfly plant
  • a bird protection and bird's egg plant
  • does not smell
The decorative clematis needs a nutritious, permeable soil. Waterlogging should be avoided as it can lead to clematis wilt, a common leaf disease of clematis. Heavy soils must be drained. A soil improvement with compost, so that the soil receives a forest-like structure, is advantageous.
The clematis can be planted from spring to autumn. It grows easily and is planted at some distance from the house wall. The planting hole is raised about 40 cm to 50 cm deep. To ensure a good runoff, a drainage layer of crushed stone is placed in the planting hole. Now follows a layer of garden soil, mixed with nutritious compost, because the purple star needs a lot of nutrients for its immense growth. The clematis is placed so deep in planting hole that the transition from the root to the green shoots is about five to 10 centimeters in the earth. A bamboo stick acts as a support at first. So that the plant finds its way to the trellis, the bamboo bar is not set straight, but leaning diagonally against the trellis. Finally, the clematis is poured heavily. The soil around the planting site should be shaded. Optimal is a shadow height of 30 cm to 50 cm.
Tip: The scaffolding on which the clematis is to grow later, is attached to the house wall before planting. Later, it is difficult to untangle the instincts.
  • Gently remove clematis from the plant pot
  • do not tear off any shoots
  • Put the dry pot balls in a bucket of water to water
  • Put clematis in the planting hole with the drainage layer
  • Fill gaps with excavation
  • Cover the planting area with bark mulch or ornamental pebbles to avoid temperature fluctuations
to water
During the first time after planting, the soil is kept moderately moist. Later, the clematis needs to be watered only in case of severe drought.
The care required for the clematis is minimal. In order to quench the nutrient hunger of the fast-growing Etoile Violet, a slow-release fertilizer is an advantage. He gets the plant best in the spring and promotes the re-emergence.
Tip: In late summer planted forest vines fertilize only in the spring!
To cut
The clematis can grow up to 3.50 meters high. The flowers always form on newly expelled wood. A pruning is necessary when the long shoots in the lower area verkahlen. The clematis can be cut back to a length of 20 cm to 40 cm. The month of March is suitable for the pruning of the Clematis 'Etoile Violette' Violet Star, because its new shoots with the flowers develop over the summer.
Tip: leave 50 cm for young plants. Then the clematis grows bushy. Older plants may grow without pruning.
AHA! Horn meal, compost and a leafy layer ran nutrients important to a clematis cut back.
The delicate appearing Clematis is winter-resistant to -30? C. All it takes is a slight pile up around the rhizome, because the climber is a flat root. Suitable materials are foliage, soil or brushwood. Their leaves throw the clematis over other winter-green varieties, in the fall.
The clematis are propagated like strawberries by sinkers. How to do it:
  • fill an old flowerpot with soil
  • solve a strong shoot of the trellis
  • dig the flowerpot near the shoot into the ground
  • Put the shoot over the flower pot
  • Cover lightly with soil and fix
  • first remove the leaves in this area
  • Support shoot tip with a bamboo stick so that the young plant will grow straight later
  • keep it evenly moist
The offshoot stays connected to the mother plant until next spring, then it should have formed enough roots.
Tip: The growth of the roots can be recognized by carefully removing the plant from the flower pot.
With a secateurs the offshoot is now separated from the mother plant. The young clematis can either be left in the pot for an additional year or placed directly into the ground. After planting, the climber should be kept moist. When the top is capped, the clematis develops bushier below.
planting partners
  • climbing roses
  • different-colored Clematis varieties
The root of the clematis can be well shaded with catnip, cranesbill or lady's mantle.
Diseases and pests
The clematis wilt is a fungal disease that is anchored in the soil. First, the leaves and later the branches are brown and dry and die.
frequently asked Questions
What can be done against Clematis wilting?
Remove infected leaves from the plant as early as possible and dispose of them and treat the entire plant with a fungicide. If the shoots are not affected yet, then the clematis can survive.
Which climbing roses are suitable for the Violet Star?
Suitable planting partners are mainly climber climbing roses. Climber flower several times a year and develop strong shoots.
Which section does the clematis Clematis 'Etoile Violette' Violet star belong to?
The Clematis Violet star belongs to the section group two. It blooms in June to September.
Where does the plant best come into its own?
On pergolas, terraces, but also in planters, the variety is very decorative.

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