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If you have a pond in the garden, you usually do not want the water to become an indefinable cloudy broth. Only with clear water can plants and living things be observed below the surface. Sometimes it is hard to avoid turbid water. Green water comes mostly from algae, brown water from mud and turbid water from floating particles that do not even filter out filters.
How is it clouding?
Turbid water is often due to algae, which are naturally formed and a muddy pond bottom. Moving on the ground and in the pond, mud is whirled up causing cloudiness. Algae are not only annoying. Under sunlight, algae produce oxygen. This is important for a healthy pond. Algae carpets are well suited as a hiding place for amphibians and other aquatic animals.

  • Prevented by regularly controlling the water quality.
  • In addition, you can suck mud from the ground.
  • Algae can be filtered out and vacuumed. Small algae colonies are not a problem yet. If you do something against them on a regular basis, they can not multiply like that.
  • Many plants in the pond also help to keep the water clear. For this purpose, living things such as snails and crabs are needed again, which eat dead plant parts. The animals usually settle on their own or are brought in with the plants.
  • Algae feed on plant residues, fish droppings and fish feed. You must not feed the fish too much. That pulls a whole circle behind.
  • Do not fertilize plants!
  • Do not introduce a pond bottom, it always causes water turbidity!
Proper pond planting
  • Algae can be prevented with the right choice of plants.
  • Plants are competitors for algae. Both consume nutrients. When the plants consume them, algae can not survive.
  • One third of the water surface should be planted. This helps to maintain the biological balance.
  • Particularly well suited for the pond planting are: Swamp Water Star, Krause's Laichkraut, Crab Claw, Brazilian Thousand Leaf, Hornblatt or Wasseraloe.
  • Swimming leaf plants shade the pond. So he is protected from excessive water heating. In warm water, algae growth is higher.
Clarify pond
  • Algae can be scavenged (landing net)
  • Another method is to wrap up. Take a broomstick, wrap it with emery paper and put it in the middle of the clumps of algae. Then he is turned carefully. The algae stick to the paper and wrap around it. So you can sing it out. A very gentle method that does not interfere with the biological balance.
  • UV lamps are also helpful. The algae are irradiated with UV light. But that is only allowed in animal-free ponds.
  • It is also ideal to renew water regularly. You let off water and give to new. Rainwater is the most suitable.
  • Insert pond filter. This eliminates excretions of the fish.
  • Do not use a pond bottom, but plant the plants in gravel.
  • Replace pond bottom. Good is a granulate like Lavagrus.
  • Not too many fish in the pond. Better pick out a few and sell or give away.
  • Use mussels and other water clarifiers!

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