Preventing Kohlhernie - How to protect your cabbage

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Cabbage is healthy and found in many gardens. But cabbage is also vulnerable, especially for the so-called Kohlhernie. You can also prevent the Kohlhernie.

Prevent cabbage hernia from protecting cabbage

Tumors at the root
The carbon hernia is a fungus that lives in the soil and penetrates through the roots into the cabbage plant. Especially the cauliflower and the kohlrabi are often affected by this disease. At the root, the cabbage hernia mobilizes growth hormone and is responsible for dividing the root cells, which can no longer be controlled. As a result, tumors form on the roots and the leaves are no longer supplied with sufficient water. The result: they die.

Prevent cabbage hernia
To avoid this you should always keep the soil loose and mix it with compost. Also lime is good and should be given on a regular basis. You must always keep in mind the ph value of the soil, which should be between 6 for sandy soils and 7 for clay soils. If you also want to provide for the health of the plants, then use mainly resistant and robust varieties.

Mushrooms can last up to 20 years in the soil
Always make sure that you do not plant cabbage again in the following year at the same place, as spores of the mushrooms can outlast the soil for up to 20 years. As a result, the cabbage hernia is considered one of the worst diseases in cabbage cultivation. If you remove the infested plants from the ground and place them on the compost, then the fungal spores can still scatter.

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