Cultivate coconut palm - 3 tips

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With a coconut palm everyone can get that certain South Sea feeling into the house. To make sure that this persists for a long time, here are 3 tips on how you should cultivate your coconut palm.

Coconut palms are demanding

Coconut palms are demanding

The relatively robust coconut palm is certainly one of the most popular palms we cultivate in our living rooms and conservatories. One of the reasons for this is, of course, the cost-effective price, for which coconut palms are often offered.

However, in order to optimize your growth, we have put together some valuable care tips for you, so that you enjoy the decorative coconut palm for a long time.

Cultivate coconut palm - 3 tips

Tip 1 - The right location
In principle, the coconut palm loves an extremely sunny and warm location. Therefore, you must always pay attention to a room temperature of at least 20 degrees.

When choosing a location, you should always keep in mind that the coconut tree must always be under the direct influence of light. A place at the window or in the conservatory would therefore be optimal.

On very warm summer days, the coconut palm may of course find its place in the field. However, you must then ensure that even at night, the temperatures do not fall below 20 degrees.

Tip 2 - Water regularly
Coconut palms need to be watered regularly. You should, however, use as lime-free water - rainwater is particularly well suited here.

Important: You should always avoid waterlogging when watering.

In addition, coconut trees love to be sprayed with rainwater from time to time. This process also has the advantage of increasing the humidity around the plant.

Tip 3 - Repot the coconut palms
You have to repot your coconut palms regularly - about every three years. Only then can the roots of the palm tree unfold properly.

When repotting, you should ideally mix a nutrient-rich plant soil for potted plants with a little sand. Alternatively, you can of course also use your palms in substrate.

By the way:

You can easily recognize a healthy coconut tree when you buy it because it has bright green leaves. It should consist of at least 5 palm fronds.

Silvery matte leaves, on the other hand, indicate a disease, e.g. Spider mites. These occur due to insufficient humidity. Also undesirable are yellow leaf margins, as these indicate too long periods of drought.

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