Use coffee grounds against cats and snails - how it works!

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Cats and snails - both animals that can cause great damage in the garden. However, there is a simple home remedy against them: coffee grounds!

Cats and snails do not like coffee grounds at all

In many households regularly more or less coffee grounds. If you have a garden, then you should by no means dispose of it carelessly, but rather make use of it. Now you will surely wonder what to do with this waste. The answer is quite simple: distribute it in the garden!

This may sound a bit strange at first, but coffee grounds can be a good home remedy to ward off snails and cats. You do not believe that? It's true. Why this is so and how you use the coffee grounds properly against cats and snails, we explain you a little more detail. Then it's time to cook coffee, distribute coffee grounds in the garden and be amazed at how effective this is.

Effect or advantages of the coffee grounds

➥ Bittering / odor deters:

Coffee grounds have a positive effect on the garden not just for one reason. On the one hand, it is of course the bitter substances contained therein, which provide a special smell. And that's exactly what cats, snails and even ants do not like.

➥ Ingredients stimulate mucus production:

In addition, the coffee grounds contain other substances that go to the snails to the collar. These particular ingredients force the snails to form more mucus. This harms the animals very much and can even end for them deadly. In addition, the caffeine in the coffee grounds in snails also works like nerve poison.

➥ Earthworms are attracted:

If you put the coffee grounds in the garden, then you do something even better, because earthworms are lured by it, and these in turn loosen up the soil.

➥ coffee grounds is a good fertilizer:

With coffee grounds but can not drive away only snails, ants and cats. It also contains valuable minerals. Thus, you can also use coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer.

The use of coffee grounds in the garden

➤ Use coffee grounds against cats:

Use coffee grounds against cats

For example, if you want to keep cats away from certain places, such as your patio, you should simply put the coffee grounds in a bowl. You can place the bowl anywhere on your property. Incidentally, it does not matter to the cats whether the coffee grounds are dry or damp, they do not like both variants.

This method is especially good if you want to teach young cats that they have no business in the garden beds or on the terrace. But also strange cats can be so well out of the garden.

➤ Use coffee grounds against snails:

Use coffee grounds against snails

Dry coffee grounds, on the other hand, can be mixed with some garden soil and then spread in the flower beds. So you have a defense against snails and at the same time also a natural fertilizer. You can collect in the kitchen the coffee grounds on a large plate and let it dry.

Incidentally, you can also place the coffee grounds in a ring around individual plants or spray individual plants with strong coffee beans. That will definitely deter snails. Thus, you always have a biologically harmless pesticide at hand.

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