Color play in the autumn bed

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In October and November, these two beds are at their best. Late flowers, colorful foliage and ornamental fruit stands make the view from the living room window an experience. These two garden ideas invite you to replant.

Autumn bed with exciting contrasts

The area in front of the hedge and under the maple is shady, where glossy shield fern and elfin flower thrive. The fern is wintergreen and even the elven flower 'Frohnleiten' keeps its leaves in the cold season. With sufficient winter sun it is overrun reddish. The leaves of the Bergenie 'Eroica' are no longer green, but bright red. They go well with the fire maple, which has its grand entrance in September. In front of the dark yew hedge, the autumn colors are even more intense. The tree can grow here to the full size of six meters. Other eye-catchers are the red ovaries of the arum. In addition, the perennial bears winter on extremely decorative, white-veined foliage, which, however, moves in July.

Fire maple with autumn coloration

Between accurately cut yew hedges, perennials, ornamental grasses and a fire maple spread out to your heart's content. The boulders are reminiscent of Asian gardens

But until then, the other shrubs have developed magnificently: In July and August, the mountain grass is in full bloom. In addition to the pure species grows the variety 'Aureola' with green-yellow stalks. In autumn the grasses are yellow or reddish in color. The wax bell shows its fleshy, yellow flowers in August and September. The purple grape, which grows on the edge of the bed, then shines in intense violet.

Violet exotic for the Beetrand

The Lilientraube is well suited to border half shady or shady flowerbeds. Her rich purple flowers are 40 inches high. They appear from August to October. After that, the perennial bears black berries that are very decorative throughout the winter. If there is no snow, the lily grape should be protected against winter sun. 'Monroe White' is a variety with white flowers.

Liliaceae Liriope muscari

The flowers of the Lilientraube (Liriope) cling to the stem like small love pearls

Play of colors on the terrace

The main attraction in this bed is the Phoenix Maple. No other wood can boast such an impressive bark. When its foliage turns yellow, it creates a particularly beautiful contrast. The variety also fits into small gardens at a height of four meters. While purple ferret and sunflower bloom until October and the myrtle-aster 'snow fir' even in November, the other perennials already show their fruit stalks in autumn: The small goat's beard, which grows under the maple, has black berries and turns red colored leaves.

Phoenix maple autumn coloration

The autumn color of the Phoenix Maple creates a beautiful leaf-bark contrast

White coneflower, yarrow and red cabbage also raise their seeds, waiting to be enchanted by the first rime. Especially beautiful is now the lamp cleaner grass with its fluffy flower pistons. The purple bell 'Marmalade' convinces with fiery red foliage all year round. The rolling spurge is not valuable because of its flowers, but mainly because of the lasting silver-green leafy jewelry.

Versatile ground cover with winter decoration

Even the large leaves of the fire herb are decorative, but even more beautiful are the inflorescences: In several floors sit the yellow flowers like Puschel on the stems. The inflorescences should be cut off only in the spring, because they are a unique winter decoration. The fire-weed likes it dry and sunny. At a suitable location, it is very vigorous and likes to spread.

Fire-herb Phlomis russelina

The fruit stalks of the fire herb are a beautiful ornament in the wintry garden and attractive until spring

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