Change the color of hydrangeas - how it works!

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The color of hydrangeas can change

If you have hydrangeas in the garden, you may also have noticed that the color of the hydrangea changes suddenly the year after purchase. So it is quite possible that you buy a blue-flowering hydrangea and in the following year it blooms pink. But how does that come and how can one Color of hydrangeas to change?

The PH value of the soil is guilty
This is not magic, but is due to the PH value of the soil. In other words, the more acidic the soil is, ie the lower the PH value, the more blue the plant will bloom. Garden soil usually has a pH of six to seven. Ideally, however, a PH would be around the five.

Lower the PH value with fertilizer
To lower this now, you can either resort to special soil, or use fertilizer. Earth is peat soil that lowers the pH and returns the blue color to the plant.

If you do not want to replace the entire earth, you can help with fertilizer. This must either contain much aluminum sulfate or you choose one with a lot of potassium, but with little phosphorus. And the flowers will turn blue again!

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