Colorful garden gnomes

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Some species can simply be left to themselves after planting. They do not need a regular cut for flowering and are inherently so small that they can fit anywhere.

Colorful garden gnomes: flowers

The Korean snowball (Viburnum carlesii) grows 1.5 m tall and produces white flowers with intense scent in April / May.

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The flowers of the 2 m high lavender heather (Pieris) are less exciting. But the red shoot of the variety 'Forest Flame'.

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A gem for lilac fans: the up to 1.5 m high dwarf lilac (Syringa meyeri 'Palibin').

Colorful garden gnomes: high

The 1 m high evergreen Skimmie 'Rubella' (Skimmia) flowers in April and prefers humus rich soil in the shade.

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The poisonous daphne (Daphne) is 1.5 m high and flowers already in early March.

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Autumn color and white flowers in May are the advantages of the up to 2 m high plumage bush (Fothergilla major).

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