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Powdery mildew is one of the most common fungal diseases and spreads, in contrast to most other fungi especially in dry and warm weather. Susceptible are perennials such as larkspur, phlox and Indianernessel, but also roses and grapevines often get sick. In mild infestation you should remove the sick shoots and leaves and treat the remaining with a fungicide (fungicide). In addition to the classic fungicides, there are also agents available in the market for the biological control of fungal diseases. It is best to cut off severely affected perennials early, in the case of roses you remove the leaves from the bed and inject them preventively against new infestations next spring.

Effective and environmentally friendly sprays against powdery mildew are sulfur preparations such as Natures Netzschwefel WG, Asulfa Jet Mildew-free or Netz-Schwefelit WG. They are also approved for crops and even for organic farming. Sulfur is not a synthetically produced "poison" but a mineral that is found everywhere in the soil as a plant nutrient and among other things an important building block for many proteins. Netz-Schwefelit WG is a powder that is sprayed dissolved in water on the affected parts of plants. Here we show you how to use the preparation correctly.

Apply net sulfur properly against fungal diseases

Rinse out sprayer

Add the preparation to the tank

Before use, the sprayer is cleaned (left). Then you can mix the preparation according to the package instructions (right)

The sprayer should be clean and free from residues of other pesticides. Rinse the container thoroughly before use and spray tap water through the nozzle. Then fill the container half full with water. In this model fit five liters in the tank. Give the preparation, here net sulfurite WG by Neudorff, in the appropriate size for the tank dosage (see leaflet) in the storage tank. Packs of sachets are available for the private garden. Then fill up to the 5 liter mark with water.

Build up pressure by pumping

Pan container

Use the pump to apply pressure inside the spray bottle (left) and swivel the container again before use to mix water and net sulfur well (right)

If the lid is screwed tight, use the integrated pump to manually add the necessary spray pressure. As soon as air escapes through the pressure relief valve, the maximum pressure is reached and you do not need to pump again until the spray performance noticeably decreases during use. For a powder such as net sulfur, swirl the container back and forth vigorously before use, so that everything mixes well with the water and no residue remains on the bottom of the tank. After use, clean the tank and rinse the nozzle with clean water again.

Netz-Schwefelit WG contains as active ingredient 800 g / kg sulfur. In addition to the excellent effect against fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, the epidemic-reducing side effect on spider mites, smallpox mites on grapevines and gall mites is a pleasing side effect. For bees, net sulfur sprays are harmless.

Genuine and downy mildew

In grapevines occurs next to the real and the downy mildew. Although the names sound similar, however, both fungal diseases show various signs of damage. Moreover, they differ in wintering. The powdery mildew survives in the buds as mushroom mycelium, while the downy mildew winters in the fall leaves and in the shriveled berries. The spores formed here in the spring infect the leaves with sufficient leaf moisture. The infestation sites of the leaves turn brown, depending on the variety can also occur a strong leaf fall. From the downy mildew infected berries have a leathery-tough outer skin, are clearly shrunken and discolored reddish brown.

Downy mildew on vine leaf

Grape leaves infested with downy mildew show yellowish spots ("oil stains") on the upper side, and on the underside a white mushroom turf develops whose spores cause further infection

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