Common hamburger - It grows predominantly on wood

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The common Hallimasch grows mainly on wood

At the Hallimasch or Common hamburger called, it is a mushroom, which you can see as edible mushroom. But it is also a danger to trees.

Danger for trees
The common Hallimasch grows mainly on wood. In the forest he is often found on stumps. He can also spread to healthy trees. The nickname common he probably has because he nestles unnoticed between bark and trunk and spread. If then after years, the fruiting bodies come to light, then it is already too late. Because then the hamburger has already damaged the tree so much that it will not survive sooner or later.

Combat common hamburger
The first thing you need to do to prevent this fungus is to remove the fruiting bodies. The second - and you certainly will not like it as a hobby gardener, but which is indispensable - means: clearing the tree, including root system, and destroying it. This is the only way to prevent it from spreading to other trees. If you do not remove the tree as described, then the fungus can spread further. As a result, more and more trees in your garden are affected by this fungus. Demensprechend they will all die too.

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